KC Deliverance: Story Trailer

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Nach einem verheerenden Söldnerangriff auf Silver Skalitz findet sich Henry in einer verzweifelten Situation wieder. Seine Eltern sind tot, sein Haus ist zerstört... das veranlaßt ihn sich in die Reihen von Sir Radzig einzuordnen, um die Ausbildung zu erlangen die er benötigt um seine Rache zu bekommen. Wo wird ihn sein Weg hinführen?


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Wolcen: LoM Update 0.5

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"SolarFall Games" hat das Update auf Version 0.5 für "Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem" veröffentlicht. Größte Neueurung ist die überarbeitete Weltkarte.

Aufgrund der umfangreichen Änderungen wurden leider auch die Spielstände (lokal & Cloud) zurückgesetzt.



- Brand new world! Forget all you knew about the open-world of Wolcen, because we’ve changed everything. This new open-world is still in its early stage, but we’ll update it each time we’ll add quests and content.
- New quests ! You now have access to roughly half of the first act, a better tutorial, and although true boss-fights are not ready yet, the quests themselves are better and longer than before so we hope you will enjoy them. Secondary quests will come later and will lead you to explore each corner of the map.
- Lots of new characters, both friendly and unfriendly ones !
- Cloud mode servers have been moved to France (previously in Australia)

- Color grading is now functional and help defining each environment
- Main menu rendering tweaks

- New main theme in the main menu!
- New dodge roll sound.
- New ambient sounds for the new world locations! (lots of content).
- Fixed waypoints increasing audio volume.
- Improved sound mix.
- Fixed a number of ambiance seeking issues, where ambiance would restart from the beginning instead of picking a random starting point.

- Reworked Quests tracking UI
- New Quests acceptation pop-up
- New Quests reward pop-up
- New World map
- Reworked background for Unique items.
- New item rarity : Quest item, with its own background, loot particle & text color.
- New available stats points and passive skill points notification buttons
- Skill level up is now directly displayed on the skillbar
- Clicking on a skill in the skillbar will now open the active skill tree
- Skillbar shortcuts are now displayed uppercase
- New minimap
- New set of minimap icons
- Added Fog Of War to the minimap
- Reworked and added book icons
- New tutorial icons
- New Spell Books icons
- New quest tracking arrow
- Reworked death screen
- Reworked gameplay error message animation (not enough rage, etc…)

- New enemy : Beware of the unpredictable Grave Digger ! He’ll use his shovel to dig all sorts of things to launch at you, but mostly other Undeads. He is sort of the Grave Keeper’s angrier and older brother.
- New enemy : The first boss of act 1 is in, Halaku, the dreadful Bones Lord. Although we’ll improve the bossfight in the future with more attacks and patterns (and boss phases), this is already a powerful foe and the first true boss of the game.
- New enemies : The Corruption has spread to the East, and bring forth a terrible army. While slaughtering the Corrupted Warriors and Berserkr will be quite straightforward, handling the mighty Juggernaut or the dangerous Slug could be a challenge for those who are not prepared.
- New enemies : In the Hailstone bay to the North, the constant low temperature has affected some of the resident creatures in a bad way. There, you’ll find new variants of enemies you already know, sharing an affinity to the cold : the impressive Ice Crusher, the deadly Storm Keeper and the Iced variants of the Pithus and Pithus Warrior.
- New enemies : The existing Pithus have been reorganized and a few members have been added to the family. We now have the regular Pithus, the Pithus Warrior, the uncatchable Pithus Outrider and the venomous Pithus Spewer and Infector.
- New enemies : the new Skeletal Guards and Warriors serve as the bulk of the Bones Lord army and although they die easy, don’t underestimate them when they’re in large groups.
- New NPC : Seren

- Regarding the work that has been put in the new open-world, it would be hard to list the bulk of the environment changes. Anyway, you’ll find that most areas are now more readable and clearly defined, sometimes using biomes or color-grading, and that they contain many new assets.
- Chests : since we want to reward exploration, the new open-world contains many chests, sometimes hidden ones, so that you won’t need to farm Dungeons to find interesting loot. We’re currently working on many different types of containers (furnitures, trash, cadavers, etc.) in order to give chests a better variety in the future and a better readability gameplay-wise (ex: equipment racks that only loot weapons or armors, etc.).
- Indoor locations : We’ve added a few indoors areas to the world, and will design a lot more in the future, so that the total walkable surface of the game will be even bigger and exploration will be more interesting. They can be randomly chosen (ex : house cave) or static (ex : pithus dungeon) and will contain their fair share of rewards and foes.
- New automated Doors system with one-sided Doors that can serve as shortcuts.
- Various signposts have been placed in the world, indicating the location of main areas.
- Fixed the issue that caused some players to encounter invisible walls in dungeons
- New Dungeon : Pithus cave
- New Dungeon : Ancient Civilization
- New Dungeon : House Cave
- We now use a progressive system for time. This can result a more flickering shadows, but we are working on a fix for that.

- The Quests file has been wiped and replaced by a new one containing all the new dialogs and gameplay strings. This represents almost 200 new lines.

- Visual spawners : the new world now contain advanced spawners that are represented by objects (tombs, eggs, etc.) that look just like regular props, but will start to shake when you are near and explode after a short time, revealing the enemy they contained. We hope this will bring diversity to the regular enemies that just happen to raise from the ground, and maybe surprise the careless adventurers.
- Spreading Nodes : in certain areas of the world, you’ll find entities that extend their influence on the ground over time and endlessly spawn foes. You’ll need to destroy them quickly if you don’t want to be overwhelmed, but keep in mind that you can’t use them to farm experience or loot because the node only will reward you, not the enemies that it spawned. But know also that those rewards get better the more advanced is the progression of the node when you destroy it, so it may be interesting to let it extend, survive the spawned enemies, then destroy it when it’s the strongest.
- New Support AI : the way following allies (ex: Brother Leon) behave has been totally changed and this is a first step in the direction of interesting pets or mercenaries.
- Traps have been added to the game. You’d better watch your step if you don’t like being stunned, burned or if you don’t want to die prematurely.
- Monster density has been overhauled and spawn locations carefully chosen.

- New Umbra On Kill affix for mage equipment.
- Decreased the spell damage bonus on staves.


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Deliverance: Announcement Teaser

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Global Announcement Teaser

Release date is: 13. February 2018


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Wolcen: LoM Update 0.4.2

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"SolarFall Games" hat das Update auf Version 0.4.2 für "Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem" veröffentlicht. Größte Neueurung ist die lang geforderte Minimap, die nun ins Spiel gekommen ist.


       - New minimap in dungeon !
       - New Dash system! It is now a short range teleport with a warm up animation. Includes particles and sound!
       - Items left on ground will now be automatically removed after 24 in-game hours
       - Minimap overlay toggle, force move, force attack and item comparison left/right switch keys have been added to the keybinding menu

       - Greatly reduced particle emitters CPU usage
       - Fixed various bugs with the transparency system
       - Fixed AI pathfinding high CPU usage issue
       - Fixed a very rare crash on online autosaving
       - Fixed a rare random crash when exiting dungeon
       - Fixed a rare random crash when transitioning between dungeon floors
       - Fixed the issue causing some players to not generate error.dmp when crashing
       - Fixed a physic related memory corruption crash
       - Fixed multiple raycast related crashes

       - Small CPU optimization related to on ground items name display UI
       - New spell icons for Conflagration and Holy Dive.
       - Fixed the bug that caused characters to lose all their attribute points after resetting stats
         to the lore master then clicking on cancel
       - Level 0 rings, amulets and capes bug has been fixed. Note that items dropped previous to
         this fix will still be displayed as level 0.
       - Rebinded skill shortcuts are now properly displayed in the skill bar

       - Fixed a bug that caused walls on the border of the map to not be removed when removing the floor under it
       - Fixed a placement bug for wall furnitures that allowed to place paintings on ceiling chandeliers
       - Fixed a bug causing items stored on the mannequin not to be saved properly

       - New Dash sounds
       - New Rain Fire sounds
       - New Lightning Orb sounds (and for AST variants)
       - New Gravedigger/keeper sounds
       - New Fire Breath sounds
       - New Brutal Strike sounds
       - New corpse explosion (Gibs) sound
       - Enabled reverb for footsteps
       - Legendary Item drop sound falloff increased

       - Undead Warriors are wielding a weapon again.

       - The undead are now roaming the land.
       - Monster elites now spawn later in the game.
       - Fixed targeting issue with the Lightning Staff (ray attack)
       - Improved collision detection between the player and enemies projectile

       - Tweaked effects and randomness of item qualities.
       - Fix some parts of the lightning staff combo not inflicting the weapon’s damage.

       - Removed the stamina regen malus on heavy armor.
       - Rage Loss bonus of heavy armor has been moved to medium armor.
       - Rogue armor now increases dexterity.
       - Removed the resource pool percent bonus on mage armor.
       - Mage armor now increases power.

       - Active Skills now also get statistical upgrades at level 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25.
       - Frost Nova
       - Fixed the cooldown increasing with spell level.

       - Rush now only increases dash distance since the new dash is instantaneous.


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Wolcen: LoM Update 0.4.0

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"SolarFall Games" hat das Update auf Version 0.4.0 für "Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem" veröffentlicht. Hauptbestandteil dieses Updates ist die Möglichkeit nun auch seine Spielstände in der Cloud zu sichern.


Betroffene Bereiche des Updates:
- Genrelles
- Effekte
- Benutzerinterface (UI)
- Housing
- Audio
- Umgebung
- Charaktere
- Lokalisierung
- Gameplay
- Gegenstände
- Affix Updates
- Aktive Fertigkeiten (Skills)
- Passive Fertigkeiten (Skills)


INFO: Aufgrund der erheblichen Änderungen sind alte Speicherstände leider nicht kompatibel mit Version 0.4.0.


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