Deceit - Free Asset Pack for CryENGINE

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Deceit is a game that tests your instincts for trust and deception in the multiplayer first-person shooter from Automaton based around an asylum. The assets and source content provide you with everything you need to kit-bash your own scenes. Within this asset pack is all of the source content for each item, providing the ultimate in customization of props for your own project. The source content is provided in 3ds Max (.max) file format along with .tif files for asset texturing. This is a comprehensive and diverse pack which offers you a huge range of high quality assets to enjoy.



  • Atrium and Skylight
  • Bathroom Props
  • Numerous Doors and Doorframes
    • Cell Doors
    • Metal Gates
    • Exterior Door
    • Escape Hatch
  • Forest External Assets
    • Houses
    • Underground Paths
    • Drainage Pipes
    • Doors and Handrails
  • Modular Arctic Kit
    • Snow Mounds (6x)
  • Modular Antenna Kit
    • Satellite Dishes
    • Antenna Towers
    • Radar Ball
  • Lab Props
    • Cables and Desks
    • Fridges and Spinners
  • Graffiti Pack (30+)
    • Street Art
    • Chalk Drawings


Deceit Assets Pack


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Robinson - Free Asset Pack for CryENGINE

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In addition to a range of props from Robinson: The Journey, you can also get your hands on various assets which showcase CRYENGINE’s famed vegetation, including a huge tree. On top of this we have also included the Pterodactyl rigged mesh for you to play around with and animate.


• Robinson Hero Tree

• Pterodactyl
• 15+ Vegetation Assets
• 20+ Junk and Background Assets
• 3 Large Background Assets
• 15+ Assorted Props (Power Supply, Telescope, Tree House)


robinson asset pack 1

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Crysis - Free Animation assets for CryENGINE

cryengine logo 600x300The source files provided make up many of the base animations used within the GameSDK and allows users to use FBX files with exact re-targeting and skinning of numerous setups for enhanced modding. The FBX animations allow you to compose or layer any of your animations in the external 3D modeling app of your choice to create carbon-copies of Crysis movement and first person styling. Included in the animation pack is the following:

- 300+ FBX animation files

- Ladders
- Smart Objects
- Locomotion
- Vehicles
- Weapons


ce5 free crysis anim1


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Ryse - Free Egypt assets for CryENGINE

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is famed for its epic and beautiful settings and our huge new pack features amazing assets from the game, all.

The Egyptian themed assets in the pack provide large and small-scale elements for dressing your own Egyptian setting with statues and hieroglyphics set next to giant modular pyramids. We can’t wait to see what you make with them.

- Pyramids
- Statues
- Houses
- Pillars
- Obelisks
- Temples

MPlace Ryse Egypt Asset Pack1

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Flappy Boid asset for CryENGINE

cryengine logo 600x300There is no better way to learn CRYENGINE 5 core game development principles than by building a working game. Cryteks free "Flappy Boid" beginner’s aasset pack takes you from zero to a finished game that includes basic animation, physics, lighting, audio, modeling and texturing, game mechanics, particle effects, collisions, score keeping, a basic UI, and exporting to a finished stand-alone build.


Flappy Boid Asset

An advanced course is also available as a series of free video tutorials through Cryteks YouTube Channel.

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