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Achieved with CRYENGINE, The Climb lets you scale new heights in VR and was the breakout hit on the Oculus store. We’re delighted to provide source content from the shipped game for free on CRYENGINE Marketplace so you can kit-bash out your own levels.

Assets range from beautiful waterfalls that graced scenes in the game to animals that were dressed into the background to bring levels alive. The waterfalls included are a special setup and you will be able to effectively tile and oscillate materials to provide realistic rolling rapids within your own scenes. This pack includes assets of all shapes and sizes which allow you to produce the exact level you desire.

- Hot Air Balloons
- 20+ Stylized Rocks
- 10 Foliage Assets
- Overhanging Vegetation
- Waterfall and River Kit
- Assorted Distance Mountains (4 types)
- Helicopters
- Bridges and Distance Buildings
- 5+ Animal Characters w/ animations

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KC Deliverance: Patch 1.6.2

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Henry is fast becoming legendary even despite his shortcomings since he first trip to Pirkstein castle. Whether you call him "Hardcore Henry", "Henry the Baliff", "Hungry Henry", or just plain "Hal", his reputation now far preceeds him.  

With Gamescom 2018 right around the corner, we have a new patch update for PC and Playstation, which fixes several of the highly requested bug fixes that we've seen reported on social media. The Patch for Xbox will follow soon after.

Patch 1.6.2 for PC and Playstation makes some adjustments, improvements, and fixes to both the full version of the game and to our first premium DLC, "From the Ashes." We truly appreciate the feedback, bugs found and suggestions that YOU, our fans have been reporting to us over our forums, Steam, Reddit, and Facebook page. The Xbox Patch will follow soon after.

Patch Features:

- The player now loses only a very small amount of faction reputation when he kills all witnesses to his crime.
- Partially loaded state of Talmberg during "Epilogue" fixed.
- Robard stuck in the ground during "Epilogue" fixed.
- "Rattled" quest in Sasau can now be started even after finishing "All that Glisters".
- Divish now instantly teleports to Talmberg after finishing the lords' discussion during "Epilogue". This should solve many problems with starting the DLC.
- Issue with finishing the DLC quest during Talmberg siege with Divish being teleported inside besieged Talmberg was fixed.
- Locator Marius has much better pathfinding now.


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Star Citizen Alpha 3.1



Ab sofort steht für Unterstützer die Star Citizen Alpha Version 3.1 im Launcher zur Verfügung.

Was es alles neues gibt, erfahrt ihr in folgendem Video.



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KC Deliverance: Patch 1.4

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Der Oster Patch Version 1.4 für "Kingdom Come: Deliverance" ist ab sofort auf Steam und GOG verfügbar. Er gibt euch u.a. die Möglichkeit Henry umzustylen (Haarschnitt, Bartlänge und mehr). Beachtet auch die neue "unbewaffneter Gnadenstoss" Animation.

Hier einige der Änderungen:
- Neue Haar und Bart Mechaniken
- Ändere dein Aussehen und erhalte extra Charismapunkte für frisch geschnittenes Haar.
- Neue "unbewaffneter Gnadenstoss" Animation zugefügt, für eine "subtiliere" Art Quests zu lösen.
- Ostereier zugefügt. Lasset die Jagd nach dem goldenen Ei beginnen!
- Traditionell tschechischen Waffenstyle Namens "Pomlázka" zugefügt.
- Wiederauferstehungstag! Einige der durch technische Fehler gestorbenen NPCs sind aus ihren Gräbern wiederauferstanden.
- Fehler in der Quest "Mightier than the Sword" behoben (in Bezug auf den Schreiber).
- Der Rattay Bogenschiesswettbewerb funktioniert nun auch im fortgeschrittenem Schwierigkeitsgrad.
- Speicherproblem der "House of God" Quest behoben.
- Weitere 200 Fehler (Bugs) behoben.


Kostenloser PC DLC - HD Texturen und Audio Pack

Als Bonus hat "Warhorse Studios" den ersten kostenlosen DLC "HD Texturen und Audio Pack" veröffentlicht. Die HD Texturen verbessern die visuelle Darstellung deutlich. Das HD Audio Pack beinhaltet aufgewertete Audiotracks für alle drei Sprachen (Englisch, Deutsch und Französisch) sowie Updates für andere Soundeffekte.


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Wolcen: LoM Update

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"SolarFall Games" hat das Update auf Version für "Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem" veröffentlicht.


- Lightning related crashes have been fixed.
- Several (tons of) game crashes have been fixed.

- Each overkill type now has an associated visual effect.
- The silhouette visual feedback when hovering characters or objects with mouse has been reworked.
- The blinking on-hit visual feedback has been reworked.
- Added golden effect on Elite enemies.

- Merchants no longer restock if you have the merchant UI open.
- Time displayed under the minimap is now the real time instead of the in game time.
- Gems will now appear Teal-colored on the ground.
- Fixed the left hand item not being unequipped when resetting the passive skill tree and having titan strength.
- Fixed the close button of the bounty UI.
- Fixed a bug allowing players to put items in locked player chest panels.
- Fixed a bug causing gem sockets artefacts to appear in the inventory grid when unsocketing gems from an item.

- Picking up a quest item with a full inventory will properly update the quest objective.

- Merchant NPC RAM optimization.
- Pressing a skill key during a dodge roll as a male character will no longer cast the skill two times when exiting the dodge roll.
- Changing the AST of a skill after it was cast, and before it was triggered, will now correctly use the initial skill parameters when triggered.

- You should no longer get blocked between two random dungeon parts in random dungeons.
- Corrupted Random Dungeon is deactivated for maintenance. Halaku’s door has been fixed. Missing Materials in the corrupted area have been replaced.

- Passive damage resistance formula has been modified and its impact on gameplay has been increased.
- A few ROS transfers were not making use of your transfer time modifiers.
- Snaring enemies by Dashing on them was not always working. We fixed it.
- Decreased the effect on attributes on damage and dodge chance.
- Ironguard passive effect no longer disappears when using it.
- It is not possible to equip Ironguard without a Shield anymore.
- Fixed a bug allowing you to keep a templar weapon from the Weapons Tutorial quest.
- Fixed the “machine gun” attack speed issue with pistols.
- The level 5 requirement has been removed on tier 1 gems.
- Fixed a bug causing the players to go through the ground when knocked down, teleporting them to random locations.
- The attack range of melee and ranged weapons has been unified.
- All basic weapon combo now uses 2D shapes for their targeting, resolving several issues and allowing to cleave on many targets with one hit.
- Fixed various bugs with the Active Dodge/Dodgeroll.

- New enemy: Undead Butcher! The Butcher is a powerful foe wielding a Cleaver and a Hook at the same time. Beware of its belly-mouth!
- New enemy: Pithus Watcher.
- New enemies: Wormaggot and Corrupted Wormaggot.
- Halaku now inflicts less damage.
- Halaku’s skulls now inflict physical damage, making it less punishing for melee characters.
- The corrupted slug will now move faster upon detecting a target.

- New weapon type: Bows!
- Several issues about items, gems and potions have been fixed (items duplication, crashes, infinite gold, incapacity to use, etc.).
- Fixed a bug causing items to disappear when unsocketing a gem with a full inventory.
- Fixed a bug causing items to be downgraded on character loading.

- Mass Murder’s description has been changed to avoid confusion.
- Decreased Overheating damage, which should decrease the amount of unwanted deaths.

- New Active Skill: Frost Lance.
- New Active Skill: Frost Comet.
- Reworked Active Skill: Frost Nova.


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