CryENGINE MasterClass - Game and Level Design Tutorial

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Cryteks CRYENGINE YouTube channel is home to a huge range of learning materials designed to help you master every element of game design, development, and our engine. Whether you’re entirely new to CRYENGINE, or a veteran looking for information about a certain topic, Crytek have got you covered. In addition to a range of videos covering specific areas, Crytek have also curated a series of playlists based around different disciplines and themes, and today we’re focusing on their Game and Level Design series.

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Cryteks Game and Level Design playlist is home to 40 videos covering a wide range of topics. Recently added to the playlist is their Creative Lighting tutorial, hosted by CRYENGINE Learning Manager Brian Dilg, which discusses both the technical aspects of lighting in the engine and how light can play a vital role in game design by, for instance, guiding players through a level or alerting them to threats of objectives. There is also a substantial case study on Homebound, a CRYENGINE Global Game Jam entry which you can download from the CRYENGINE Marketplace, which shows how the game was created and covers the game’s design with insight from Crytek staff.

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The playlist also includes a comprehensive guide to the

and much more. Whether you want to work through the playlist from start to finish, or simply wish to browse through a range of guides to discover a topic you’d like to brush up on, you’re sure to find a video that can help you up your dev game.


Don’t forget to subscribe to the CRYENGINE YouTube channel to get all the latest learning materials from Crytek. And if you can’t find the topic you’re looking for, let us know on the forum, via Facebook and Twitter, or on our official CRYENGINE Discord channel. If you find a bug in the engine, please report it directly on GitHub which helps us to process the issue quickly and efficiently.


Are you looking for your next career move? At Crytek, they value diversity and actively encourage people from all kinds of backgrounds and experience levels to apply to our open positions, so join Crytek over at LinkedIn and check out their careers page.


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CryENGINE 5.5.2 veröffentlicht

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Ab sofort steht euch die CryENGINE in Version 5.5.2 zur Verfügung. Das Update erfolgt via CE-Launcher.

After releasing CRYENGINE 5.5.1 Crytek identified an issue affecting the Engine when it was downloaded via the CRYENGINE Launcher - this issue has been rectified in release 5.5.2.

Middleware Update:
- Updated to Wwise 2018.1.3


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CryENGINE 5.5.1 veröffentlicht

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Ab sofort steht euch die CryENGINE in Version 5.5.1 zur Verfügung. Das Update erfolgt via CE-Launcher.


This is a minor release of CRYENGINE containing several items to help with overall stability.

- Audio - Middleware Update
  Updated Oculus spatializer to version 1.29.0.


- Sandbox - Editor General
  Fixed: Texture compilation notification is stuck permanently compiling.
  Fixed: Changes and edits to Designer Objects do not mark its layer as modified.
  Fixed: Creating a new level didn't allow the user to save changes to layers.


Tools - Resource Compiler
  Fixed: Missing Normalmap_lowQ Preset from CryTiff plugin.

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Underwater - Free Project for CryENGINE

cryengine logo 600x300Go on an adventure under the sea with the free Underwater Demo from Crytek, featuring over 200 assets and sample scenes to use for your own sub-nautical project.


ce5 uwaterdemo 1

-- 200+ Assets
- Buildings
- Coral
- Kelp
- Submarine
- Sunken Ships

--Sample scene
- Flow Graph Movement
- Timer UI
- Checkpoints


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CryENGINE 5.5 veröffentlicht

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Ab sofort steht euch die CryENGINE in Version 5.5 zur Verfügung. Das Update erfolgt via CE-Launcher.


CRYENGINE 5.5 Release Highlights

SVOGI Improvements: SVOGI, the feature which allows developers to create scenes with realistic ambient tonality, now includes a major advancement with SVO Ray-traced Shadows offering an alternative to using cached shadow maps in scenes.

Documentation Overhaul: As requested by the community, redesigned and updated documentation arrives for designers, artists, programmers, and anyone who uses the Sandbox Editor. Veterans and newcomers alike will be able to quickly find what they need.

Flappy Boid: Flappy Boid is a fun, accessible, and now comprehensive onboarding course enabling users to learn core game development concepts while building a finished game.

Sandbox UI/UX Changes: The Sandbox Editor improves workflow, performance, and optimization, making the development process quicker and easier.

Terrain Object Blending: Users can mark Entities with a Mesh Component to become a part of the terrain mesh, empowering more realism, especially with snow and sand scenes.

Updated Entity Components: Multiple new and legacy Components come to the new Entity System, including the porting of legacy rain and water ripple Entities and a new VR Camera and Interaction Component to get users up and running with their VR project quickly.

C# Upgrades: C# assets can be created directly inside of the Asset Browser and functions may be exposed to Schematyc for use inside of Entity Components. C# users will now be able to debug through Visual Studio via a new extension.

Terrain System Improvements: Blend multiple materials and use a new displacement option in the sculpting tools for even more realistic terrain.

Game Platform Plugins: A new Game Platform plugin allows for easy access to common distribution platforms and data transfer protocols, including Steamworks and PSN APIs.

CRYENGINE Versions and Full Editor Source Code: Users can submit pull requests, access the full Sandbox Editor source code, and get preview releases via GitHub. Preview releases will also continue to be made available via the CRYENGINE Launcher.

Unity Migration Guide: Unity Engine users can transfer their skills and content to CRYENGINE quickly and easily with our easy-to-use migration guide.

New Sandbox Level File Format: This feature brings the ability to place level files anywhere within the project directory, and allows for dynamic population.

Automated Packaging and Backing Up: Non-coders can simply share and release CRYENGINE content with new package build functionality within the CrySelect interface. A new Backup Project tool makes backing up projects simple.

You can read the full Release Highlights and Change List in our CRYENGINE 5.5 Documentation pages.



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