Wolcen: LoM Update 0.4.2

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"SolarFall Games" hat das Update auf Version 0.4.2 für "Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem" veröffentlicht. Größte Neueurung ist die lang geforderte Minimap, die nun ins Spiel gekommen ist.


       - New minimap in dungeon !
       - New Dash system! It is now a short range teleport with a warm up animation. Includes particles and sound!
       - Items left on ground will now be automatically removed after 24 in-game hours
       - Minimap overlay toggle, force move, force attack and item comparison left/right switch keys have been added to the keybinding menu

       - Greatly reduced particle emitters CPU usage
       - Fixed various bugs with the transparency system
       - Fixed AI pathfinding high CPU usage issue
       - Fixed a very rare crash on online autosaving
       - Fixed a rare random crash when exiting dungeon
       - Fixed a rare random crash when transitioning between dungeon floors
       - Fixed the issue causing some players to not generate error.dmp when crashing
       - Fixed a physic related memory corruption crash
       - Fixed multiple raycast related crashes

       - Small CPU optimization related to on ground items name display UI
       - New spell icons for Conflagration and Holy Dive.
       - Fixed the bug that caused characters to lose all their attribute points after resetting stats
         to the lore master then clicking on cancel
       - Level 0 rings, amulets and capes bug has been fixed. Note that items dropped previous to
         this fix will still be displayed as level 0.
       - Rebinded skill shortcuts are now properly displayed in the skill bar

       - Fixed a bug that caused walls on the border of the map to not be removed when removing the floor under it
       - Fixed a placement bug for wall furnitures that allowed to place paintings on ceiling chandeliers
       - Fixed a bug causing items stored on the mannequin not to be saved properly

       - New Dash sounds
       - New Rain Fire sounds
       - New Lightning Orb sounds (and for AST variants)
       - New Gravedigger/keeper sounds
       - New Fire Breath sounds
       - New Brutal Strike sounds
       - New corpse explosion (Gibs) sound
       - Enabled reverb for footsteps
       - Legendary Item drop sound falloff increased

       - Undead Warriors are wielding a weapon again.

       - The undead are now roaming the land.
       - Monster elites now spawn later in the game.
       - Fixed targeting issue with the Lightning Staff (ray attack)
       - Improved collision detection between the player and enemies projectile

       - Tweaked effects and randomness of item qualities.
       - Fix some parts of the lightning staff combo not inflicting the weapon’s damage.

       - Removed the stamina regen malus on heavy armor.
       - Rage Loss bonus of heavy armor has been moved to medium armor.
       - Rogue armor now increases dexterity.
       - Removed the resource pool percent bonus on mage armor.
       - Mage armor now increases power.

       - Active Skills now also get statistical upgrades at level 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25.
       - Frost Nova
       - Fixed the cooldown increasing with spell level.

       - Rush now only increases dash distance since the new dash is instantaneous.


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