Ryse: Countdown die Zusammenfassung


Es sind nur noch sieben Tage bis Ryse: Son of Rome auf den Markt kommt. Bis dahin wird es noch einiges an Material un Informationen zum kommenden Spiel von Crytek geben.

Zu Beginn kommen wir zu "The Fall". Das ist die Live-Action Serie zu Ryse: Son of Rome. In diesen vier Teilen lernt ihr Marius Titus genauer kennen und wir verraten euch bereits jetzt warum ihr in Ryse zu einem Kämpfer werdet.
Die einzelnen Episoden findet ihr bei unseren Kollegen von Machinima auf Youtube.

Weitere interessante Informationen und Details zum Spiel findet ihr in diesem Artikel.

Revelations of Ryse: Jason Hickey

Jason Hickey

What goes on within huge teams of artists, developers, and managers? What are the ups and downs of game development? What challenges are associated with a new generation of hardware and graphics? Revelations of Ryse is a short series that aims to provide an inside look at the development, teams, and planning of Crytek’s Xbox One release title Ryse: Son of Rome, due November 22nd 2013.

Jason Hickey is the Lead Environment Artist for Ryse. He played RPGs with his twin brother from a very young age onwards, and it was their childhood dream to make games together one day. After studying Animation in college, they both got a job at a small gaming studio, after which Jason moved on to Crytek.

Ryse Round-Up: Our Xbox One exclusive draws closer

 Ryse Round-Up: Our Xbox One exclusive draws closer

Unless you've been living in an abandoned fort with no Wi-Fi connection, there's a good chance you will have encountered Ryse: Son of Rome in some form or another this week.

Our Xbox One exclusive is now just two weeks away from launch, and the past few days have seen a wealth of Ryse-related content hitting the web as November 22nd approaches.

The fun started with entertainment network Machinima airing the first in a series of exclusive live action shows based on the Ryse: Son of Rome game world. A further episode followed a couple of days later, with two more to come on Monday and Thursday next week. Check out the (mature) trailer below for a taste of the spectacular dramatization, titled "The Fall", and watch the show itself over at Machinima's YouTube channel.

Ryse: Son of Rome Season Pass Offers Big Savings on Future Multiplayer Content

Ryse Season Pass

On Nov. 22, prepare to step into the iconic Colosseum of ancient Rome in “Ryse: Son of Rome’s” Gladiator mode and forge your destiny in blood and steel. However, your career in the arena will not end once fame and glory have been achieved upon the sands.  Microsoft Studios and Crytek today announced an entire season of upcoming multiplayer content for “Ryse: Son of Rome,” giving players new battlefields, armor, events and more to expand their legacy in the exclusive Xbox One launch title.

Four add-on packs will be released in the months following launch, and with the “Ryse: Son of Rome” Season Pass, you can own all of them, plus exclusive in-game items, for $19.99 (USD) – a more than 25 percent discount versus buying each add-on pack individually.  The Season Pass will be available for purchase at launch and will include:

  • - Four add-on packs which contain a total of 14 multiplayer maps, a brand-new mode , six player skins, new level events, and access  to a new tier of weapons and armor
  • - An in-game sword and shield with bonus attributes for use in multiplayer  that are exclusive to the Season Pass

More details about “Ryse: Son of Rome’s” multiplayer mode are available here.

Ryse: Son of Rome Live-Action Digital Series

Ryse - The fall

Crytek and Microsoft Studios will be premiering “The Fall,” a four-part, live-action digital series based on the action-packed Xbox One exclusive launch title "Ryse: Son of Rome,” exclusively on Machinima, the number one global video entertainment network for young males.

Beginning Nov. 5, new episodes will be distributed exclusively on Machinima, setting the stage for “Ryse: Son of Rome’s” worldwide release alongside the Xbox One console on Nov. 22.