Warface Set For Fine-Tuning After Successful Closed Beta Testing

Crytek GmbH’s free-to-play FPS, Warface, will go offline on Wednesday 10th of April, at 17:00 PDT, for an extended period of server downtime. The game is set to be fine-tuned based on the positive feedback of players who have been participating in Closed Beta testing.

Thanks to the contribution of those players and feedback gathered through multiple channels, a firm foundation has been put in place on which the Warface development team will build from while the game is offline. The overall result will be to ensure that Crytek’s delivery of the free Warface game service is the best it can possibly be going forward.

Crytek and Trion would like to thank Warface players everywhere for their ongoing support and are looking forward to welcoming them back online when the game returns. Over the period during which Warface is offline, the GFACE Closed Beta service will continue to operate as usual. Future communications will provide details of when Warface is set to become playable again.

The Rendering Technologies of Crysis 3

This talk covers changes in CryENGINE 3 technology this past year, with DX11 related topics such as moving to deferred rendering while maintaining backward compatibility on a multiplatform engine, massive vegetation rendering, MSAA support and how to deal with its common visual artifacts, among other topics.

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Learn the Rules of Engagement in our Latest Warface Trailer

To master war, you have to play both sides.” So says the closing line of our brand new Warface trailer, which gives you a closer look at the rival armies of Blackwood and Warface in action, and mulls over the rules of engagement in spectacular fashion.

On show to visitors at San Francisco’s GDC expo this week, Warface is a free-to-play FPS from Crytek that invites players to cooperate and compete in a range of thrilling settings around the globe. Check out our epic new trailer below in advance of the game’s arrival in Europe and North America, and see for yourself how every action in the Warface universe has an explosive reaction. 

Crytek Partner with Level Up! Games to Launch Warface in Brazil

Crytek GmbH today announced a new partnership with game publisher Level Up! that will bring their free-to-play FPS, Warface, to players in Brazil.

Brazil’s leading distributor of online games, Level Up! have been delivering exciting online experiences to players for over a decade, with millions of gamers enjoying the range of titles they operate across Brazil, India and the Philippines. Acting as co-publisher for Warface, Level Up! will now give players in South America’s biggest country the chance to join with friends and tackle the intense cooperative and competitive missions on offer in the military shooter.

“Level Up! boast unparalleled experience in delivering great online games to players in Brazil,” said Dirk Metzger, General Manager of Publishing at Crytek. “By partnering with them, we can be confident that players across the country will be able to experience Warface as intended and discover for themselves why the game is steadily amassing an army of fans around the world.”

The imminent arrival of Warface in Brazil means the game will soon be available to players across five continents.

Crytek engaging players and developers alike at GDC 2013

This year's Game Developer's Conference is now in full swing in San Francisco, with industry professionals from around the globe in attendance. Taking place at the city's Moscone Center from March 27-29, GDC offers ample opportunities for developers to learn from one another, with a special focus on the more technical and business-based aspects of what goes into delivering great videogame experiences.

Boasting a significant presence at this year's show, Crytek are inviting attendees to go hands-on with free-to-play FPS, Warface, as well as checking out how it integrates with the game-centric social hub, GFACE. A large portion of Crytek's presence is also focused on sharing how the company's CryENGINE® 3 technology can help other developers to turn their game ideas into a reality. Regular CryENGINE presentations on the show floor have been attracting significant interest from the GDC crowd so far, with one-to-one demos also leaving an impression on conference goers.

Sean Spitzer, Creative Director at Ghost Jack Entertainment, was impressed with what he saw of the engine in action. "Overall, I really loved it; especially if you're doing PC or console games. I loved the fact that things were simplified, and that animations, sounds, triggers, and events were all in the hands of one artist, so you can let your programmers just work on AI. It's very slick and streamlined, and I liked that a lot.”