Crytek nutzt Capsidea zur Spielanalyse

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Spielentwickler und Publisher Crytek ist eine Partnerschaft mit Capsidea, ein führendes Analytik Unternehmen, eingegangen. Die innovative Plattform ermöglicht es Benutzern große Mengen an wertvollen Daten zu erforschen und zu verstehen.


Harnessing Capsidea's technology for their online game services, Crytek can utilize a fully customized tool-set to interactively query millions of gigabytes of data and build a detailed analytical overview of their games. Working quickly to tailor their technology to a AAA developer, Capsidea's sophisticated visualization engine will help users to create custom reports on the fly, on top of tracking pre-set industry-specific dashboards and metrics.


“Our data analysts monitor a huge volume of custom event feeds and often need to run raw SQL queries. Capsidea was able not only to provide comprehensive data mining functionality, but also to pack it into a sleek intuitive interface, which is a real pleasure to work with,” said Ilya Mamontov, Director of Game Operations at Crytek.


To address one of today’s biggest concerns - data security - Capsidea has implemented data access differentiation, allowing account owners to set up and manage different levels of access for sub-accounts from their Master Account.


About Capsidea

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