OMG! - Easter Mappack Out Now!

We are proudly presenting you the OMG! and Clan00 Easter Map Pack for Crysis Wars that features three maps for Team Instant Action and Instant Action.

Easter Mappack
Industrial and Ice are two of the best duel maps out there for Crysis but when Crysis Wars was released things changed in the game but not in the maps. Therefore OMG! The Online Modding Group decided to work on remakes of this two maps. Both remakes were realized by Sven Metzger, the original designer of Industrial and Ice better known as c4Te.

Easter Competiton - Information
The contest starts on Sunday 12th of April at 3pm CET and ends on Wednesday 15th of April at 11:59pm CET. The winners will be announced on Thursday evening.

Everyone can participate! It is not required to own the game. Just get the Crysis Wars Trial Version, download the map pack and open a LAN server. You can even come together with your friends and family to find the Easter Eggs if you have a working Crysis Wars Trial Key. For more information about the Trial Version please take a close look at MyCrysis.

Easter Competiton - Prizes
All prizes are sponsored by MyCrysis and 1Agency. We want to to thank both of them for their support.

1st Place
  • 1x Crysis Wars Fan package (including T-Shirt, Lanyard & Sweatband)
  • 1x Trend Micro Internet Security Pro 2008
2nd Place
  • 1x Crysis Wars Fan package (including T-Shirt, Lanyard & Sweatband)
  • 1x NOVA Mousepad RAIDER
3rd & 4th Place
  • 1x Crysis Wars Fan package (including T-Shirt, Lanyard & Sweatband)
For more information about the OMG! & Clan00 Easter Competition please visit the official Competition page. If you have questions about the competition please use the Crymod Forum Thread about the map pack.

We wish all of you Happy Easter and we hope you enjoy the new maps and the competiton.

 - OMG! Team and Community Team

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