CryENGINE® 3.5 angekündigt

We've got some really special news today. CryENGINE3.5 has been announced. We realise that we may have missed some key features with CryENGINE3 that the community would really like to see, so the team at Crytek Coburg has taken some of your suggestions and put them straight into the engine.

Coburg (Germany), April 1st 2009 - "The team at Crytek Coburg is proud to announce the latest development in CryENGINE Technology."

The brand new engine has been worked on tirelessly by the team in Coburg and they've achieved an absolutely massive leap in CryENGINE technology. We've incldued the list of improvements made to the engine below. With this engine, we've taken community suggestions on board. After having seen your amazing response to CE3, with CE3.5 we went one better and have incorporated some of your suggestions from our very own CE3 suggestions thread here, the following are quoted directly.

Features List
  • More real than real life!
  • Super Optimizedness
  • More oppertunities
  • Harder game
  • fully dynamic real-time interactive procedural skyscraper
  • Realistic physics. (example, falling, tree falling, crashing)
  • More animals (dogs, cats...)
  • Jet fighters and planes
Once again and as always, without your ideas and your support this iteration of the CryENGINE would not have been made possible, so we'd like to thank all those of you that contributed your feedback to us and allowed us to make some of the changes above to CryENGINE3.5

- Crymod Team

UPDATE: Den meisten wird es bereits klar sein aber diese News ist/war der Aprilscherz zum 1. April.