CryEngine 3 - Konsolen Demo

CryEngine 3 - Konsolen Demo

Frankfurt a. M. (Germany), March 25th 2009 - Just in time with the start of Game Developers Conference in San Francisco we are proud to present you a wide package of fascinating assets around our latest all-in-one game development solution CryENGINE® 3. Besides a lot of information concerning the new features specifically designed for Xbox 360™, PlayStation®3, MMO, DX9 and DX10, you may download either an extended or mobile version of the tech video, many screenshots and the official CryENGINE® 3 booklet.

Zum Video:
Following on from our original teaser posted exclusively on IGN, we now have the full version of the CryENGINE3 GDC2009 demo available to show you. This features some fantastic graphics on both XBOX360 and Playstation 3. Below we have embedded the low quality version of the trailer.

Video im Youtube Stream:


Update on 26.03.2009 @ 17:45Uhr:
Cevat Yerli, Präsident und CEO von Crytek sprach in einem Interview mit IGN über die CryEngine 3. Dort sprach er wie die CE3 auf welchen Platformen bisher läuft. Hier ein Auszug daraus:
"The CE3 runs currently at more or less the same quality bar. I say more or less because the engine still optimizes itself to power of the platforms' intrinsics. So the PS3 will run slightly better here, it'll look and feel probably the same, but the engine is diverting computation needs to power subsystems available to the PS3, and the 360 differently, and PC differently."

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