Crysis Wars Patch 1.4 & Mod SDK released


The time has come guys. Patch 1.4 is now available for download. Please find the links at the bottom of this post in order to download the files, however, please be sure to read the entire post before you begin downloading so you understand what is included. The patch notes for Patch 1.4 are listed below.

We also have the Crysis Wars Mod SDK which is now released as well, please again read the notes thoroughly before you download it. You must have Patch 1.4 installed before you can use the Mod SDK otherwise certain elements will not work. All download links are at the bottom of this post so be sure to check there.

The FAQ about the Mod SDK has also been included in this post, once again read it through as this will answer the majority of your questions. Other than that, enjoy the Patch and the Mod SDK, especially the CryENGINE2 Sandbox2 Editor. Enjoy!

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Patch Notes - Patch 1.4

These are the updated patch notes as seen in the readme file with the patch.

General Fixes
  • Fixed a crash relating to dropped weapons
  • Fixed an issue where spectating players could impede other players' movement
  • Fixed several memory leaks
  • Several optimisations
  • Scope position broken when picking up the same weapon type
Updates and improvements
  • All graphic settings are now available on DX9 machines
  • Improved visibility of mouse cursor on bright backgrounds
  • Improved hit feedback when shooting vehicles
  • Modding interface is now available
  • Cloaked players are no longer detected by the Radar Kit
  • Reduced radius of Radar Kit scan sound

Crysis Wars Mod SDK Content

The entire Mod SDK consists of 2 separate installers, one will include all the tools and the other will have the game source code. Here is the detailed list for the contents of the Crysis Wars Mod SDK.

  • Game Source Code (patched to Crysis Wars v1.4)

  • CryENGINE2 Sandbox2 Editor
  • Resource Compiler (32-bit only)
  • CryExport plug-in for 3DS Max 9, 10 and 11 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Polybump plug-in for 3DS Max 9, 10 and 11 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Polybump application (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • CryTIFF plug-in for Adobe Photoshop (32-bit only)
  • FMOD Designer Tool (32-bit only)
  • Rigging, Artist, Animation Tools for 3DS Max
  • CryExport plug-in for XSI
  • Engine Settings Manager

Sandbox2 Editor Changelog
Since the release of the Crysis Sandbox2 Editor the dev team has updated the powerful tool quite a bit for the modding community. Find here the changelog of what's new:

  • Improved Height-Field Editor:
    - Complete overhaul of User Interface
    - New options added to show and hide water and map objects
    - New tools added to quickly switch to terrain texture layers.
    - Modification of Height-Field now translates to editor terrain in real-time
    - Added ability to erase current height map
    - Added new tool for large preview of height field.

  • Improved Terrain Layer Texture Editor:
    - Complete overhaul of User Interface
    - New section added “Layer Tasks” for adding layers and assigning surface types to these layers.
    - Large preview of current layer texture
    - Scale and projection axis now able to be changed more quickly due to new user interface.

  • Improved Time Of Day Editor:
    - Added automatic scaling of the graphs to suit currently set values for each property.
    - Added collapsible sections to each logical property group.
    - Record now defaults to ON

  • New Visual Flowgraph debugging and features:
    - Added debugging to track the logic occurring through the flow graph in realtime.
    - Flowgraph viewport can be scrolled with right mouse button while dragging a link.
    - "Add selected group" functionality when adding entity in a flowgraph
    - Fixed: Incorrect scaling when opening a flowgraph
    - Fixed: Flowgraph view moves around when having the save/load dialog box opened

  • Track View Editor improvements:
    - Added: Copy/Paste nodes in the TrackView editor.
    - Fixed: Sequence not reset at a cutscene start with TrackView editor.
    - Fixed: Snap key on Trackview to start/end

  • Quick search entry inside the CVar dialog window:
    - allows quick searching of all cvars

  • General Fixes:
    - Fixed: Editor windows not always updating after switching windows with alt+tab.
    - Fixed: Zoom scaling issues
    - Removed several buttons or menu items which were obsolete.

Crysis Wars Mod SDK F.A.Q.

Why is the SDK only for Crysis Wars?
We did this in order to keep the modding community focused on one title, as well as to allow for both singleplayer and multiplayer mods for this engine version. Adding singleplayer support to Wars is far more convenient than adding multiplayer support for Warhead. This also means that the community won't constantly be developing levels and mods for two titles, which is bound to cause confusion in many aspects of development.

Will maps or mods compiled in Crysis Wars be compatible with Crysis (and vice versa)?
By default yes, however there are a few aspects of the project that you must change before it will be playable on both titles. Any code in your mod must be recompiled for both titles using their respective SDK's and released separately. Also, if you using any models in your mod that are specific to Crysis or Crysis Wars, make sure they are included so that the users of the other game will be able to use them. Our suggestion would be to develop on the platform you plan to release on to keep it as simple as possible. This support is strictly for current projects/maps that would like to release on both Crysis Wars and Crysis.

Will the Crysis Wars SDK and Editor function with Crysis?
Theoretically yes. However we thoroughly recommend you use the game's respective editors for the levels as unforeseen consequences may occur through the use of the wrong editor that could cause many different issues with your mod or map. We will not be able to support projects that are using the updated version of the editor with Crysis.

Will the Crysis Wars SDK and Editor function with Crysis Warhead?
No these are not compatible, as the Crysis Warhead code base is different to that of Wars and consequently neither the editor nor SDK will function with this version.

Is it possible to have the editor and SDK installed for Crysis and the new SDK and editor for Crysis Wars at the same time?
Yes it is; both SDKs and Editors were built for different games and run off separate installations, so both SDKs and Editors will run as expected separately from one another.

Due to the re-enabled AI in Wars, is AI and co-op in multiplayer now possible?
AI in Wars doesn't mean that we've added AI to the multiplayer game; we have simply enabled it in the engine so that when Wars is played in singleplayer the AI will function as normal. This means that although AI will be available to use in Wars, multiplayer support for it is not included.

Is there an auto-downloader for mods included in Patch 4 for Crysis Wars?
No there isn't, however custom levels can still be downloaded with the auto-downloader.

Will we be able to download the Warhead .cry files?
Unfortunately we cannot provide these there is, however, we have a good reason for this. If users without Crysis Warhead were to obtain the .cry files, they'd be able to play the Warhead levels inside Crysis and Sandbox2 (of course with limited assets). This is to some extent piracy, so unfortunately we will not be providing editable versions of the levels for Warhead.

Will Crysis Wars have the singleplayer menu options?
The singleplayer menu has not been added to Crysis Wars as we want to avoid the confusion of it being branded a singleplayer title. As in Crysis, to play singleplayer maps on their own you must use the relevant map console command to load them in-game.

Patch Download Locations:

Mod SDKDownload Locations:

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