Crytek in March Mayhem - Vote Now!

Some cool news for you guys! Crytek have been ranked as number 8 in The Escapists March Mayhem this year. It's where developers go head to head and get voted for by their communities in order to beat the other developer. Whoever gets the most votes goes through to the next round, so lets be sure that we make it all the way in the East Division.

Vote for Crytek!
Crytek is one of the 64 top game developers that will be going head-to-head in a bracketed tournament to see who gamers believe the best developer is! The Escapist and game developer fan communities vote on The Escapist to see who will move to the next round until there is only one developer left standing. Last year many gamers who played Lord of the Rings Online believed that Turbine, Inc. was the best developer, allowing them to take down Rock Band developer Harmonix in the final round.

This year, Crytek is ranked as the number 8 seed in the East Division and will be going up against 9th seeded Mythic Entertainment in the first round.

Voting Rounds
  • Round 1: March 19-20
  • Round 2: March 23-24
  • Round 3: March 26-27
  • Round 4: March 30-31
  • Semi-Final Round: April 2-3
  • Final Round: April 6-8

So for the first round we're up against EA Mythic! Lets show them who has the best community! Everyone head on over to the Escapist and cast your votes now! Click the banner below to cast your vote now.

- Team

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