Crysis Wars Patch 1.4 announcement

That's right, we have yet another patch almost ready for you guys! For the gamers we've got some fixes that should really improve stability and enhance performance, and for you modders out there we've got enabled mod support! So an extra special treat in the form of the Editor will be made available at the same time as this patch and will be ready for download Friday 20th March at 19:00 CET.

Patch Notes
These are the updated patch notes as seen in the readme file with the patch.

General Fixes
  • Fixed a crash relating to dropped weapons
  • Fixed an issue where spectating players could impede other players' movement
  • Fixed several memory leaks
  • Several optimisations
  • Scope position broken when picking up the same weapon type
Updates and improvements
  • All graphic settings are now available on DX9 machines
  • Improved visibility of mouse cursor on bright backgrounds
  • Improved hit feedback when shooting vehicles
  • Modding interface is now available
  • Cloaked players are no longer detected by the Radar Kit
  • Reduced radius of Radar Kit scan sound
It's almost time...
In preparation for the release of the editor we've included mod support in this version of Crysis Wars. The full notes for the editor will follow within the next 24 hours, so hold tight, the waiting is almost over!

- Crymod Team

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