LostWorld Returns - Update

Welcome to another official Crymod update regarding the Lost World Returns mod! Since their previous update the team have been hard at work improving their mod, and have recently posted some of the newer ingame dinosaur media that we've got to present today.

InGame Dinosaurs Video
In an effort to show the community what the team has been working on, team lead Smiley has posted a short ingame video that shows the work the character artists, animators and AI scripters have done on the dinosaurs in the mod. Shown below is a brief extract from Smiley to precede the video, as well as the YouTube video itself (which can be found in high quality here.

We have always been battling an invisible enemy, the lack of a coder with expert knowledge of C++ and Lua really has hindered our AI development progress, thankfully we now have completed the circle and have recently taken two programmers on board with great background experience on commercial games.

So that’s the good news, LWR can confidently say that our AI development will pick up speed very dramatically over the next month or so, and implementing the systems we have waited so long for.

Here Is a little video showing the work that has already been started on , a few hours work and we already have a very crude but working independent AI. Threes still plenty of errors and a lot of tweaking still needs to be done. However the core elements are there and it’s now a case of streamlining and polishing with the animations and actions. For those who wanted to know if they could ride the dinosaurs, well now you can!

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