Crysis Monthly Update #9


Welcome to the “Crysis Monthly Update #9", the monthly report for our world-wide community. This time around we've got information on the latest Crysis Warhead Patch, some great screenshots and a video from the community. Updates about the competitions and as always the community update corner. This month we've also got an additional little update on the Editor and SDK. So not a giant CMU this month, but all the points are covered!

Content: Crysis Monthly Update – January 2009
  • Crysis Warhead Patch 1
  • Post your screenshots!
  • Competitions
  • Community Update Corner
  • Editor and SDK
Crysis Warhead Patch 1
Just a few days ago we saw the release of the first Warhead Patch. This included a few fixes to some of the issue people were experiencing, it also gave you the 64bit binaries, and few days prior to that you also go the Revoke tool which will now allow you to remove an authorization when you uninstall Crysis Warhead from your machine.

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Crysis Warhead Patch 1 is now live. Full information on the patch is included in this news post. Please scroll to the bottom of the page and select the mirror which you want to use in order to download the file.

Patch Notes
These are the full patch notes as seen in the readme file with the patch.

General Fixes/tweaks
  • Windows Vista: Mouse cursor should no longer have an offset in the menu.
  • Windows Vista: Unrequested launches in windowed mode should occur less often now.
  • Timedemo can now be started from the command line.
  • Better dynamic texture support for enthusiast mode.
New Features
  • Added 64-bit executables for Windows XP x64 and Windows Vista 64-bit version. In Windows XP x64 a new shortcut will be placed under the Crysis Warhead program group. In Windows Vista right-click the Crysis Warhead icon in Game Explorer and choose to run the game in 64-bit mode.
Known Issues
  • Games saved in 32-bit won't work properly when running the 64-bit version and vice-versa.
Note: After applying the patch the version displayed (lower right corner of menu) is

The de-authorisation tool was also made available earlier in the week. If you would like to download that, please go to the Warhead news section of

Download Links

- MyCrysis Team

Download Now!
If you still haven’t downloaded the latest version of Crysis Warhead then be sure to use one of the links below. Post your Screenshots!
Ever since the launch of Crysis Warhead and Crysis Wars, people have been posting their favourite screenshots in this thread: . We've decided its time to give mention to some of these fantastic screenshots and feature them in this months update. So here they are, some of the best screenshots that we've seen over the course of the past 4 months.

Thanks to everyone that's contributed to over 1000 screenshots now, they're fantastic, be sure to keep them coming, don't forget you can also upload some of your best into the image gallery, under the Media tab.

As always we’ve been running some competitions over the past month, the main one being the blog competition. It was a contest about what you thought made a good esports title, and it was great to see over 50 full length blogs. Unfortunately not everyone can be a winner, but those that were can be found in the original news post below.

The Winners
We would like to offer our sincere congratulations to the following people, from both Crytek and UGAME. They have shown what the community is capable of and really created something special!

1st Place - Matt "Wargasm" Hazell
For any game to function, it has to be popular. By this, I mean a large pool of active players with an interest in competing both online and offline. This brings me to my first point - the community. All of the most successful eSports games have had a large community behind them. This community can usually be found on forum websites, such as The community can provide valuable feedback to developers on how to improve demo versions, betas, and what needs to be improved in the next patch. Not only this, but with community news posted (such as line-up changes in the 'top-flight' teams), developers can use these websites as an easy means to convey messages to their community. With websites such as Tek-9 pulling in close to 1000 posts every week on the Call Of Duty 4 board alone, the game developers need to tap into this wealth of user knowledge. Perhaps negotiating a way with forum admins to post breaking news within minutes, or conducting on-site polls of whether certain features need to be altered.

Whatever this resource is used for, it can not just be wasted. Ignoring the community is perhaps the worst thing that can happen to an eSports game. If you do not listen to what the vast majority of competitive players want, then the game will be confined to the casual gaming scene, and real competitive play will never kick off.

2nd Place - Hans Christian "liQ" Durr
E-Sports is about competition, about revealing skills like tactical and logical thought, control, hand-eye coordination, timing, speed, capability of reaction. An E-Sports game should be easy to learn but difficult to bring it to perfection and its principle and aim should be easily understandable even for people who don't play the game but only spectate some matches. The faster a spectator of the game understands its basics, the more easier it will be to arouse interest and let him get entertained by only watching one match of that game.

3rd to 8th
  • Sam "fraghacK" Bateman - "Team work and the desire to win"
  • Carlo "BomfunK" Dorresteijn - "plenty of room for player development"
  • Felix "Felix" Morgan - "developers take a huge role"
  • Jason "Leejas" Lee - "outchallenging, outsmarting, and outthinking "
  • Sander "rMi" Remie - "Everything in the game has to be balanced"
  • Sean "Sean" B - "a more universal rule set"
Editor and SDK
As you have all been waiting so patiently for an update on the Editor and SDK, we're once again giving you some updated information. The new version of the editor is currently in testing, which means that we're nearly ready to release it. There will definitely need to be lots of tests done, so you'll still have to wait a little while longer, but we are getting closer to the long awaited release of the tools.