Revoke-Tool released

As promised the revoke tool is finally available. This will allow you to reclaim any of the installations that you have on your PC(s) when the game is being uninstalled.

Revoke Tool
To access the revoke tool all you need to do is follow the link at the bottom of the page. It will take you through to the revoke tool page, where you will be asked to accept the Terms and Conditions of using this tool. Please be sure to turn off UAC (User Account Control) if you're running Windows Vista. This will prevent you experiencing any problems with this software.

You can use this tool at any time, even without uninstalling Crysis Warhead, and free up a machine authorisation. If you re-launch Crysis Warhead on the same machine, the game will attempt to re-authorise. If you have not reached the machine limitation, the game will authorise and the machine will be re-authorised using up one of the five available authorisations.

Please be sure to read the terms and conditions at the bottom of the page for this tool before downloading. Read through the page carefully before downloading the program so that you fully understand its usage. If you are still unclear about any further aspects of this tool then please post on, Crysis official community portal.

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