Alienship v1.0 & Hillroads v1.0.4

- Alienship - SP - v1.0
Make your way into the alien ship to investigate the strange readings and try to make it out alive. Destroy power generators to disable force fields and make your way through the eerie core of the ship through the fog and steam taking out all the hostile aliens you can.

* Alien interior level
* Alien opponents
* Force fields
* Zero-G environment

- Hillroads - MP_PS - v1.0.4
This map is for all of the PowerStruggle fans who like long matches in a large, nice and natural environment. Hillroads provide a very large area of this kind environment. You get all types of combat what PowerStruggle can give you. And that’s the situation on Hillroads, Ladies and Gentlemen:

The U.S. Government got a report, from a Special Agent of the German secret service, with disturbing information. In that, official not existing report is to read, that the North Koreans planning to build weapons of mass destruction with an unknown Alien technology. U.S. Marines are sent, to prevent the North Koreans to finish the construction of those weapons. A U.S. Fighter on a reconnaissance flight has been already shot down over North Korean territory. The Pilot is MIA!

* Very large combat area in a nice natural environment
* 4 Alien Energy Sites with special Nano Suit effect. If you come to close to the Aliens for 2 times, your Nano Suit will be disabled for 20 seconds.
* 8 Spawn Bunkers
* 3 neutral Vehicle Factory’s
* 1 neutral Air Factory
* 1 neutral Naval Factory
* Alternate spawn point for the US Team on a Submarine
* Full Time of Day dependent environment including moon motion!
* Animated Lighthouse
* Automatic Gates

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