Arab City Prefab v1.0.0 & EasyLog v1.0

- Arab City Prefab v1.0.0
Many different houses in oriental style. You can place them solo or in line with modify align snap to object.

* Large amount of custom houses and decorative objects
* Arabian architecture
* Custom textures

1. Go to your Crysis game folder -> Electronic Arts -> Crytek -> Crysis -> Game.
2. Copy the downloaded zz_***.pak file into the current game folder (Game).

- EasyLog v1.0
Originally begun by the author after having to debug a particularly large and complex game log file EasyLog has been designed from the ground up to provide a simple GUI powered alternative to manually searching through thousands of lines of log output for errors and problems. By simply opening the log file in this application it is possible to both easily search through and exclude myriads of unwanted information to enable the user to quickly find the errors. Here is what the author has to say about the application.

Application Usage
So How does it work? All you do is make sure that you set your log_Verbosity = "8" in your autoexec.cfg and make sure you don't have an an Editor.log or game.log in your Crysis folder. This is so the log created by the game will create a clean log. Once you have a log file, select "Open Log File" in EasyLog. The application will scan the log file and firstly remove all blank lines. I would suggest using Bulklines.ini as an Exclude filter on the first filter as this will reduce the log by 80% as it will get rid of unwanted lines. The warnings for any file loading failures will still be in the log, but will make it easier to view with more relevant information

The "Ini" Files: In the drop down box are a list of ini files, which are in the Filters folder. You can select any filter or create as many ini files as you want. I have provided some to use now and also to be used as a template, should you want to create your own custom ini files. In each ini file are 3 sections, StartsWith, Contains and EndsWith. Under each section you can have up to 50 values. The order of the values doesnt matter, as long as you stick to no duplicate numbers in a section and also that the values are 1= 2= etc. Because of the way the ini files and filtering works, the filtering options are easy and endless.

Filter Options:
Above each dropdown list is a tick box. If it is selected, it means that you ONLY want to the criteria from that ini file. If you untick the box, it means you want to see everything OTHERTHAN the criteria from that ini file. The 2nd Filter will do the same behaviour of filtering as above, but on the result of the 1st filter, enabling you to drill down further.

Quick Filter:
Using the same theory as above, but will produce results from your text in the textbox. Example, if you typed Crybusters, it will provide all log entries relating to that mod. You can export any result to a text file.

In each result tab, you will also see a compare button. This will place your original log and the filtered result side by side. The purpose of this is that if you filter to the parts you want to locate your game error, you can click the line in the bottom box and the top box will automatically take you to that place in the original log, so you can see what happened before it. As the application is all about string manipulation and the filtering is based on user configurable ini files, you can use it with any log from any game, including FarCry, Crysis and Wars. However, because string manipulation is intensive, it means that it is not the fastest type of application.

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