City Assault MOD v1.2

The creators have been hard at work to present you all with some new and exciting gameplay. If you were a fan of the first version, don't miss this one out! For those new to City Assault, the level was created to demonstrate the amazing new AI created by forum member - Rad15. It has definitely done that and more!

* A City Environment
* Custom buildings
* Custom props
* Custom weapons - g19, m16, mp5n, Sigp226
* Advanced AI
* Explosive, Tactical and all-out Assault Gameplay

New Features in v1.2:

* New Cutscenes
* Altered Gameplay
* Gun Training Minigame
* Choose the time you play
* Choose to bring along help (marines)
* All-new City Assault Instant Action map for 16 players

Gameplay hints:

* There is no radar on the HUD, but you can press TAB to see the radar
* The cars and tanks are not usable, but they can still blow up - so be careful
* If you want a more difficult ending - download the data in the NK base without killing anyone. Then you will have to survive 5 mins against 100+ AI
* It is possible to stealth invisible all the way from the USA base to the NK base download Pc without alerting any AI (easymode)
* The sigp226, g19 and socom all use the handgun ammo
* The Scar and m16 both use the Scar ammo
* The mp5n and SMG both use the SMG ammo

Related Links:
- Download "City Assault MOD v1.2" @
- MOD Website Changelog v1.2:
* New opening cutscene and gameplay before the mission
* Weapons training minigame
* Better ingame cutscenes
* Added new weapon - H&K UMP
* New and improved Advanced AI
* New Flow-graphs
* Added City Assault IA map

* Jlim - Mod leader, modeller, level designer, etc.
* Marco - Lead mapper, Cutscenes
* Badas - Mapper
* Crow - Mapper
* Zygurt - Mapper
* Stevendossett - prop
* Triptucker - Car prop
* Richard_[uk] - dirt textures
* Ror-Shak - sigp226
* Rad15 - Advanced AI
* DICY - AI (smart) Navigation and FG
* Nerv3 - FG and Mission setup
* Watbe - FG and AI nav
* 3Ds Max textures
* Turbosquid horse