Crybusters year 2008 résumé

Crybusters year 2008 résumé

Yesterday we gave you some impressions how our testing and developenvironment looks like. Today we want to sum up our work from the last year. Crybusters got a lot of members and lost even more, but as we mentioned 2,5 years ago, we will finish the mod and release it in the end. We released different things in the last years and we listed up the main events and as little Xmas present we have made a little new video for you.

Fantasyhaze Timeline
The very beginning of the mod development started a few days after the demo editor was released. After a few weeks work we released the first ingame screenshots (

Due to the fact that Crybusters was announced to be developed in September 2006, far before Crysis was released the press knew us well and so we made some interviews and our webside got a new design (Crybusters: Vital Sign)

A few months later once of our team membes won in the Intel Crysis Mapping Contest some great pirices with his map Orangrey .

We also anounced the Crysis Helping Contest this year (Crybusters Helping Contest) and created a new video for the event:

The winners got really nice prices and we hope to make new contests in future with more prices provided by

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- C.O.W.S In september shortly before the release of Crysis Wars and the Treehouse level we released some new pictures where you could have a deeper look into our treehouse level ([Update] Crybusters - Sep 2008).

A few days after, we released a part of one of our level as standalone Crysis (Wars) IA/TIA Level called YOME, it was build in a 24 hours mapping marathon ([Release] - Yome).

In October 2008 the Crymod spooky contest took of and we released some new pictures and a crazy video ([WIP Mod] Crybusters - Video Update).

Finally we could announce a new MOD called C.O.W.S. were we are working on and additional we could release some development environment shots yesterday ([WIP MODs] Crybusters & C.O.W.S).

That was our résumé from the year 2007/2008 and we are sure we will have a very great start into the new year 2008 and having a nice Christmas. As a little present we have a brand new Video for you.

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