Crybusters Team News

Crybusters Team news
It's again a while ago since our last update, but today we have some very great news for you. First I will show you a big alteration in our team structure and introduce to you the current active members and their position in the team and about the new mod we are working on.
  • ---___db___--- - Mod lead, doing every section of modding
  • LinuxDonald - Server Administration
  • Fader_Rabies - Ghost House Creation
  • Phoenix - Modeller & animation
  • bassaddicted - Level Designer
  • Liam - Level Designer
  • Orangrey - QA
Crybusters Mission I Core Decelopment Environment
I thought it would be nice to see how we develop and test Crybusters Mission I. Therefore we captured some screenshot from our test/develop environment.

[CB] ---___db___--- Development Environment
Sometime it's great to use more displays, basically I do not have the chance to use them so often. But it fitsperfectly into the room and is so good to work with.

Testing the mod
Using a beamerwall with some meters diagonale. A cinema sound system and space for more than 200 guys watching me playing the mod. I call it the perfect testing environemnt :P

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We are happy to announce that the mod "COWS" created by Fader_Rabies will be developed by Fantasyhaze.
  • Fader_Rabies - Mod lead, doing main modelling
  • ---___db___--- - Server Administration, Programmer
  • watbe - Level Designer
  • Liam - Level Designer
  • bassaddicted - Level Designer

About C.O.W.S
C.O.W.S is a new modification for Crysis. Its main theme is dystopia and its main influences are a plethora of dystopic stories but foremost the 2002 movie Equilibrium.

We will get to play the grim hero of the great metropolis of Union City, part of a special division of the city police UnCLE (Union City Law Enforcement). We will face the main danger of this great society namely the Freeminders - "An Anarchist and Terrorist organisation set to destroy the world and our way of life" as the council so clearly states it.
Union City – is there anywhere else you want to live? The world behind the walls have crumbled – Anarchy and remnants of memories we now want to forget. The third world war with its cleansing nuclear purge – followed by the countless years of civil war between the know-it-alls and Religious zealots – the NeoDemocrats and the totalitarians.

President Alex Fortran of U6, Frans Becker of the Bauhaus project and Sir James Triton, the president of the European Council – the three saviors. They have rebuilt this world in a new image – a better image – restored hope in the souls of man.

In a wasteland void of order they built the 10 cities of the world state. The last true dream of humankind – finally a united world.
Seen to the features of this modification - C.O.W.S will offer nothing new besides a grim and grey world full of despair. It is a Fast paced Sci fi Action FPS that will give you a smile and sense of accomplishment.
  • Urban and Underground areas.
  • No Nature to speak of
  • No suit or powers like before but may be some special kata powers instead.
  • (Hopefully) new weapons (Beretta AR 70, modified Beretta 92FS, Heckler and Kosh G36, Walter MPL & FN P90 is on the Wishlist.)
  • (Hopefully) New Character models - (The special Force, The police and the Freeminders.)
  • (Hopefully) new vehicles
A special Warning: This is not a mod for sensitive players.
We are also happy to tell you that we have added more webspace to provide a better support for our fans.
Up to now you reached our webside for getting more information about Crybusters.
Since a few days you can get all necessary information on
Forthermore we added a where you can find all necessary information about Crybusters Mission I and C.O.W.S !

We still need members to help us creat our mods, so feel free to contact us.

Stay tuned for more information from Crybusters and Fantasyhaze.