Crysis Wars - Patch 1.3 Released!

Less than a month after the release of Patch 1.2 we are now releasing Patch 1.3. Included in this patch is the Holiday Map Pack, a special present from us to close the year and to make sure you guys have some great fun over the Holiday period and right across the start of next year. Thanks for all of your support over this past year, and we really hope you enjoy these maps. Be sure to check out the introduction videos to them from the Level Designers that made them. These videos can be found here (Savanna) and here (Frost).

Do I need to have patch 1 and patch 2 installed before?
No, that is not needed. If you have installed Crysis Wars recently you just download patch 3 since it includes all changes from the former patches as well.

If you have Crysis Wars already updated to patch 1 or patch 2, then the patch 3 installation will work without any problems as well.

Patch Notes

* Fixed: Custom assets in downloaded maps will now be loaded correctly

* Updated: New Power Struggle Map 'Frost'
* Updated: New Team Instant Action Map 'Savanna'

Thanks for your support over this past year, and continued support into the new year. We hope you enjoy this present from us and have some great fun playing both of these maps! More updates will be coming in the new year, so be sure to stay tuned to

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