Monthly Update #7 - November 2008

Crysis Monthly Update #7 - November 2008

Willkommen zum siebten Crysis Monthly im Novermber 2008.

Diesen Monat geht es um folgendes:

  • Patche von Crysis Wars
  • Versteckte Geschenke auf
  • Inside Crytek Interview´s
  • Community Screenshot Contest
  • Spooky Scenery Competition Over!
  • Community Update Corner
Welcome to the “Crysis Monthly Update #7", the monthly report for our world-wide community. This time we've got all the summarized information on all of this months patches and fixes for Crysis Wars, and where to get a hold of them, information about this months competitions, Inside Crytek, the brand new article series that gives you information right from inside the studio and info on whats coming up to celebrate the Christmas period here in the Crysis Community!

Patches, Patches, Patches!
Ok, maybe only 2 but so far this month you’ve seen plenty of tweaks, changes and fixes when it comes to Crysis Wars, and everyone has seemed really happy with the changes that we’ve made.

News Summary
Crysis Wars - Patch 1.1 Released!
Crysis Wars - Patch 1.2 Released!

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Full Patch Notes

  • Fixed: Stand/Prone firing exploit by exaggerating spread of all weapons when transitioning
    from standing position to prone position
  • Fixed: Inconsistency between the HUD score and the score shown in the scoreboard
  • Fixed: Disconnection caused by cheat protection for levels saved by the map downloader
  • Fixed: Several client and server crashes
  • Fixed: Several memory leaks
  • Fixed: "" in level names in levelrotation.xml will now work
  • Fixed: Incorrect weapon recoil after zooming
  • Fixed: Claymore mines sometimes did not detect enemy players
  • Fixed: Potential exploits using client cvars
  • Fixed: Players not able to skip intro movies
  • Fixed: Reloading and shooting with the AY-69 will not cause a second reload animation anymore
  • Fixed: Saving of Favourite Servers and Last Played Server list


  • Improved: Player icon, cross hair and round start messages visibility against bright backgrounds
  • Balance: Reduced prices of AY and SMG
  • Balance: Increased price of Shotgun
  • Balance: Reduced price of the PS-Radar Kit
  • Balance: Adjusted weapon recoil by any SMG and Assault Rifle type weapons.
  • Balance: Reduced Kill radius of any Explosive Weapons
  • Balance: Adjusted splash radius of any Explosive Weapons
  • Balance: Reduced rate of fire of the Grenade Launcher
  • Balance: Adjusted C4 vehicle damage
  • Balance: Increased LAW rocket Speed
  • Balance: Increased AAA Rocket speed
  • Balance: Increased AAA Rocket turn speed
  • Balance: Adjusted AAA Gun damage
  • Balance: Reduced splash damage of VTOL rockets against infantry
  • Balance: Increased damage of Helicopter rockets
  • Balance: Increased SOCOM damage
  • Balance: Increased AY69 damage
  • Balance: Adjusted Stand to Prone modifier for weapons
  • Balance: Adjusted Stand to crouch modifier for weapons


  • Removal of online activation (ReleaseControl)
  • Support of Linux server
  • 64bit version
  • Vista Parental Control file
  • Added shortcut keys for Nanosuit modes


Auto Patcher – Server Side Hotfix
We've also implemented a full fix for the Auto Patcher system, which originally meant that some people were not playing on the same versions of the games which was obviously causing the community to not be able to find games all the time, but now that is fixed!


To solve an issue we have been having with the community splitting between several different patches we've added a prompt when someone tries to join an internet game it will ask you to update to the latest version of the game if you are not already running it. This will minimize the game window and open up where you can download the patch from or 5 other game mirrors.

The Patch
Each time a new patch comes out from now on people will be prompted to download it via this display.

Crysis Wars Auto Patcher - Update – Autopatcher Released

Download the latest patch from any of these links:
- Download from
- Download from EA Public FTP
- Download from Mirror
- Download from FileFront Mirror
- Download from FileShack Mirror
- Download from GamersHell Mirror

Server Favorites Fixed!
This month the Crysis Wars dev team also fixed the issue with the Server Favorites not being saved properly, which meant every time that you restarted your client it would wipe the list clean. Now they save, and you can keep going back to that favorite server of yours time and time again without having to worry about it.


We have just implemented a fix for the Server Favourites issue in which people were not able to successfully save their favourites. The original issue was everytime you logged out of Crynet, or closed the game the list of favourite servers would not be saved and as such, you would have to find the servers over and over again each time you played. This is now not the case, and it now works as intended.

How to Favourite a Server
To add a server to favourites, simply highlight it in the master server list and then select the "Add Server to Favorites" button on the right hand side. This will then save that specific server to your favourites list which can be found on the tab at the top titles "Favorites"

Once the server has been added, it will appear in the "Favorites" list. This can be selected using the button at the top along the menu bar. This favourites list will be stored from this point forward, which means now that you can close the program and restart your machine without any fears of not being able to see your favourites at a later time.

More updates on future fixes and patches will be coming to you very soon. Thanks once again for your continued support. We will give you more updates as soon as we can.

- MyCrysis Team.

Hidden Present Bonanza!
That’s right, to celebrate the season to be jolly, we’re giving you the chance to win plenty of special Christmas present! This little game can be entered by any member of, and all they need to do is find some of the presents we’ve hidden on the MyCrysis website. They could be on any page, and it’s up to you to find them. Be sure to check MyCrysis over the next few days as all of the information about this giveaway will be announced, and we'll give you a sneak peak at some of the great prizes we've got waiting for you!

Inside Crytek
This month saw the start of our ‘Inside Crytek’ web article series. This is a series of Q&A's with different members of the Crytek team, where they answer questions on all sorts of topics. These are not just ordinary interviews though. Once their intro has been posted you get the opportunity to ask them your questions! There will be plenty more of these coming up in the future, so keep an eye out and make sure to ask your questions to the Crytek Staff!

Be sure to keep checking back on the site as these articles go out weekly, and they're definitely not to be missed!

Community Screenshot Contest
We also hosted a contest to boost some content to the Crysis Wars image gallery on the site. This is still going on guys, so be sure to check it out, as there is still time to win 5 more T-shirts!


Carrying on from the competitions we've been running, and the new Spooky Scenery Contest, we've been noticing that the community screenshot contribution hasn't been as high as we think it should be, so to give you guys some added incentive we're going to be giving a t-shirt away to every 100th image posted in the Wars Community Screenshot Gallery.

As if that wasn't enough, we're also going to be giving away some random lanyards for those people who come up with the funniest caption to go along with their picture. So what more incentive do you need to show of some of those great screenshots you've been saving and dying to display?

Where to play?
If you're not sure of what server to join and need a place to play then go along to:

  • Name - Crytek Test Server
  • IP: Port -

Here you'll be able to get some great shots going on, and also there is always a chance of some face time with some of the team around lunch.

This will be running until we hit 1000 screenshots in the gallery, so you've got plenty of time and a great chance of winning something for nothing. So why not have a go. Tell your friends and get them to jump in on the action as well.

How do i upload a screenshot?
All you need to do is go to the Media section of MyCrysis, then onto image gallery, select wars community screenshots section, and you'll see the cthq_content file button. Click that, and the rest is really simple and straight forward. Click the image below to make it full size if you encounter any problems.

So most importantly, have some fun while you're getting these screenshots, and remember, the funniest caption to go along with the image also will get themselves a lanyard!

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- MyCrysis Team


Spooky Scenery Contest
Carrying on from our Celebration of Halloween we gave you guys the chance to make your scariest pictures in the Sandbox2 editor and then display them to the whole community. The top prize for this was a brand new Graphics Card and a signed copy of Crysis Warhead. The competition may be over but the results are still being debated, so be sure to keep checking back because they'll be announced very soon.


Welcome everyone! Halloween Is nearly upon us, and to help celebrate the holiday we’re giving you yet another chance to get your hands on some fantastic prizes! Anyone can enter to be in with a chance of winning.

This contest is all about scary atmospheres and spooky scenery. All you have to do is jump in game, or fire up the Sandbox2 editor and create yourself a really creepy scene, or capture an image from an already existing one. You can use any custom assets you want, just try and make it as scary as you can, and be sure to try and throw in some Crysis references. Then simply take a picture of the scene from the best angle in the best settings and post it in the entries thread. It's that simple!

The competition will run from Tuesday 28th October at 20:00 until 28th November at 20:00. The winners will then be announced shortly after that.

The Rules

  • Please post the pictures as an attachment in THIS correct thread.
  • Designs may not contain any extremely offensive material.
  • Content of the levels must remain relevant to Crysis, Crysis Warhead, Crysis Wars, or
  • In the case someone does not follow the rules from above the Crymod/MyCrysis Staff Team will delete the contribution of this user.
  • Editing your post/design is allowed till end of the competition.
  • All scenes must be your own creations
  • Scenes may only be created using the Sandbox2 Editor.
  • Custom Assets/Textures and Materials are allowed.
  • Staff of Crytek, Crymod, MyCrysis or are not eligible to enter.
  • You can use existing levels to take the screenshot
  • You are also allowed to use images from in-game on either Campaign (Crysis/Warhead)

The Prizes!

1st Place
An nVidia e-GeForce 9800GX2 KO Graphics Card, A signed copy of Crysis Warhead, Crysis Warhead Tshirt, Crysis Lanyard.

2nd Place
A signed copy of Crysis Warhead, Crysis Warhead Tshirt, Crysis Wars Tshirt, Crysis Lanyard

3rd Place
A copy of Crysis Warhead, Crysis Warhead Tshirt, Crysis Lanyard

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- MyCrysis Team

Community Update Corner
This is the section where we pull together fun and interesting things that you guys have been working on or found all throughout the Crysis Universe. This month in the Community Update Corner we've got lots of cool things for you to have a look at.

MyCrysis Steam Community


It's always really nice for us when members of the MyCrysis community reach out and try and get other people involved, and do something innovative to try a boost and expand the group we have here.

The MyCrysis group on steam is a great example of this, and we'd like to thank Sh4d0w666 for his efforts in not only starting the group up but trying to keep people interested and generally helping to support the community. So well done. It's a great place to go along and chat to people live, so sign up, even if you are not running your game on Steam, it's still worth joining.

So if you have the Steam version of Crysis, Warhead or Wars, or even if you just have Steam and a retail copy. Search for the MyCrysis group on Steam and come and join in.

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Unofficial MyCrysis Steam Community!

Fan Art
This month has seen loads of fantastic fan art being posted on both Crymod and MyCrysis, all of which is great, however, one stood out more than the others, and this is the one we're featuring this month.

Remember to keep posting your fan art, we all love looking at some of the excellent work people have to display, and if it's really good then it may even get a mention in next months update!

Tis the Season!
That's right, it's coming up to that time of year again, and here in Frankfurt we've already seen some snow! We've got lots of great contests, games and events coming up throughout the month of December, so there's never been a better time to become a member of MyCrysis and Crymod. The Hidden Present Bonanza is just one of the reason to sign up, so don't delay or you might miss out on your chance to take away some goodies!

- MyCrysis Team