Crysis Wars - Patch 1.1 Released!

That’s right, as promised Patch 1.1 is now here! On 04.11.2008 at 18:00 CET (6pm German time) the patch will be made active. So please keep the time in mind when you are trying to update the game, if it doesn’t work be sure to check that it is past the release time.

With the introduction of the new Auto Patching system bought to you for the first time in Crysis Wars, the installation of Patch 1.1 is far easier than it was with Crysis. Listed below are the details of how to make sure your version of the game is up to date and compatible with the latest version of Wars. If you encounter any problems during the update or installation process then please visit the forums.

* Windows XP: Open the Start menu and click on "Programs -> EA -> Crysis Wars -> Check for game updates".
* Windows Vista: Open the game browser and right click on Crysis Wars. Then click on "check for updates".

Also available via direct download...
- Download "Official Crysis WARS Patch v1.1" @
- Download "Crysis WARS LINUX Dedicated Server Package v1.0" @

Patch Notes
* Fixed: Stand/Prone firing exploit by exaggerating spread of all weapons when transitioning from standing position to prone position
* Fixed: Inconsistency between the HUD score and the score shown in the scoreboard
* Fixed: Disconnection caused by cheat protection for levels saved by the map downloader

* Improved: Player icon, cross hair and round start messages visibility against bright backgrounds

* Removal of online activation (ReleaseControl)
* Support of Linux server
* 64bit version
* Vista Parental Control file

Finally, for full information on the patch, including the installation guidelines and additional linux dedicated server setup then please visit here.

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