Community Screens - Win a Prize!

Carrying on from the competitions we've been running, and the new Spooky Scenery Contest, we've been noticing that the community screenshot contribution hasn't been as high as we think it should be, so to give you guys some added incentive we're going to be giving a t-shirt away to every 100th image posted in the Wars Community Screenshot Gallery.

As if that wasn't enough, we're also going to be giving away some random lanyards for those people who come up with the funniest caption to go along with their picture. So what more incentive do you need to show of some of those great screenshots you've been saving and dying to display?

Where to play?
If you're not sure of what server to join and need a place to play then go along to:
• Name - Crytek Test Server
• IP: Port -

Here you'll be able to get some great shots going on, and also there is always a chance of some face time with some of the team around lunch.

This will be running until we hit 1000 screenshots in the gallery, so you've got plenty of time and a great chance of winning something for nothing. So why not have a go. Tell your friends and get them to jump in on the action as well.

How do i upload a screenshot?
All you need to do is go to the Media section of MyCrysis, then onto image gallery, select wars community screenshots section, and you'll see the cthq_content file button. Click that, and the rest is really simple and straight forward. Click the image below to make it full size if you encounter any problems.

So most importantly, have some fun while you're getting these screenshots, and remember, the funniest caption to go along with the image also will get themselves a lanyard!

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