Crytek Dev Blog Update

Today we’re giving you a little update on what’s happening here, and what’s to come. The Crysis Wars team has continued to be hard at work on the first Wars patch, and life in the office is busy as always. Here's a few pictures below, Cry-Alex on the left settling into his new role of Game Designer within the Crysis Wars team.

- MyCrysis Team

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We're working on a few new additions and several fixes in the upcoming patch for Crysis Wars. We've also got an exclusive for you, on one piece of content for the 1st Crysis Wars patch! We've been browsing through the forums and getting community feedback, and we've decided that the online authentication will be removed from the initial startup of Crysis Wars, so you don't need to worry about that anymore!

Mod Support
Along with the first patch for Crysis Wars, other members of the Crytek team are hard at work on the editor that people are eagerly looking forward too, and we’re sure that you won’t be disappointed by it. More information will follow when we're are ready to release it, and are sure that the things we mention are perfected. We'd like to thank everyone out their for their continued support though, and we'd especially like to thanks those guys over at that have come up with some great work arounds for porting your maps across to Warhead and Wars. If you are a keen modder or want to learn more about how you can become one then be sure to head over to and check out some of the tutorials there to learn more.
The community and web team have also been hard at work on the MyCrysis community portal, adding new features and implementing several different bug fixes along the way. Since the launch of the site just over a month ago we've seen:

    * A special Icon, to indicate when a member of the Crytek Community Team has posted in a topic
    * Esports and Hardware forums added, and some others merged for easier browsing, at the communities request.
    * The Launch of the Punkbuster Ban List Section