-Crysis Alienfight Gameplay- and -Crysis Interview & Gameplay- videos

We've two "new" videos for you, maybe you don't known them before. Both videos are recorded with a camcorder but the quality is quite good.

The first video shows the alien fight on the carrier.

The second video shows an interview with "Sten Hübler", the Crytek - Lead Level Designer. From the second half of this video you can see more Crysis Gameplay. You can see someone destroying trees from a vehicle mounted gun. The "interviewer" is speechlees!

The topics in the interview part are the following:
- What about the level design of Crysis?
- Dou you feel any pressure from the success of Far Cry?
- What about the story in Crysis?
- What about the arsenal in Crysis?
- What about the benefits of DirectX 10?

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