Crysis Wars Trial Weekend - Closing

The Crysis Wars Free Trial Weekend has now come to an end and the trial keys are now deactivated. We really hope you guys enjoyed playing throughout this weekend, and we hope to see you all on again, to give us some feedback and become part of our community.

This weekend saw not only the Wars free trial weekend but we also offered you the chance to meet up with and play against our devs for 6 whole hours on Friday night. We definitely had a lot of fun, and we really hope that you guys enjoyed being able to play against the developers and creators of the new maps featured in Crysis Wars.

If all that wasn’t enough GameRigs also gave you the chance to take part in their 4v4 tournament, for the opportunity to win some fantastic prizes. So we hope you all took advantage of the weekend only offer, and we’ll announce the winners as soon as GameRigs have completed their ladder. Don’t forget to also check out the game rigs website for their Crysis Warhead sweepstakes, which are running now until November.

If you guys really enjoyed playing Crysis Wars this weekend, then be sure to check out some of these retailers to get your copy of Crysis Warhead today.

We hope to see you in game again very soon, and be sure to bookmark and keep checking back for more information on events that we'll be running in the near future.

- MyCrysis Team