Crysis Wars Play the Devs!

So this weekend, not only have you got an entire weekend Free Trial for Crysis Wars, but you’ve also got a Tournament with some fantastic prizes available to enter and now we’re giving you the final cherry on top. Tonight only, you can play against the Crysis Wars Devs, just check out the details below.

Between 8pm (CET) and 2am (CET) today (10th) you’ll find the dev team playing.

Server name: Crytek Dev Challenge
Time: 20:00-02:00 10th October
Password: eddyissocool
Map Rotation:
20:00 to 21:00 TIA (up to 16 players) – each map 10 min
Coast, Peak, Stranded, Graveyard, Treehouse, Excavation

21:00 to 22:00 PWS (up to 16 player) – each map 20 min
Training, Refinery, Plantation

22:00 to 23.00 TIA (up to 16 players) – each map 10 min
Steelmill, Terminal, Quarry, Outpost, Armada, Coast

23.00 to 0.00 PWS (up to 32 players) – each map 20 min
Shore, Desolation, Crossroads

0.00 to 1.00 TIA (up to 32 players) – each map 10 min
Steelmill, Battleground, Quarry, Graveyard, Terminal, Battleground

1.00 to 2.00 PWS (up to 32 players) – each map 30 min
Mesa, Tarmac

At the end of each map played, the players will then be kicked from the server and a new series of players allowed to join. So please remember when you are kicked at the end of the match, this is only to allow new players to take part!

As an added bonus, should the event be constantly full, some of the devs will be present on the Crytek Test Server as well, so you can always keep an eye on that server too. So we hope you guys have some great fun, and come along and test your skills against us!

- Crysis Wars Dev Team