Crysis Wars Weekend Blitz - Tournament

Wie bereits berichtet wurde, gibt es das Wochenende Crysis Wars als online Trial. Crytek hat diesbezüglich noch eine Mail über ein Turnier (in englischer Sprache) geschickt.

Leider ist jetzt noch nicht klar, ob nur Spieler aus Nordamerika bei diesem Turnier teilnehmen können. Sobald etwas bekannt ist, werden wir diese Mail aktualisieren.

To help give something a little bit extra to our free trial weekend, have decided to host the Crysis Wars Weekend Blitz. A competition in which anyone can enter through the entire duration of the free trial weekend. This not only means that a lot of players can try the game out for free, but also gives them a chance to win some fantastic prizes!

Lest euch die komplette Mitteilung durch, indem ihr dem "mehr..." Link folgt.

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- MyCrysis "GameRigs brings you the Crysis Wars Week End Blitz! Live Crysis Wars in its full glory and compete on the GameRigs ladders at ClanWars to win great prizes from GameRigs, Nvidia, and Crucial!"

Tournament Information

Competitive Map: Coast
Team Configuration: 4 vs 4
Event Duration: Friday Oct 10th - Monday Oct 13th
Duration: 10 minutes

For a full overview of the map Coast, including an exclusive flythrough video, click here.

How to take part!
Simply click this link and follow the instructions on how to sign yourself up to the tournament.

Step 1 Register on GameRigs here
Step 2 Register on ClanWars site and join the Crysis League
Step 3 Create a team of 4 players
Step 4 Select a competitive team and set up location for matches using the 12 competitive servers.
Step 5 The losing team is responsible for reporting the results of their matches.

*After the 2 days the results are frozen and gamers can see who won, results are posted the GameRigs site and prizes are sent out

* Crysis Wars Weekend Blitz starts on Friday, Oct 10th at 8:00 pm GMT and ends on Monday, Oct 13th at 9:00 am GMT. The tournament servers will be available during this time.
* The Clanwars Crysis Warhead league reporting system will available until Tuesday, Oct 14th @ 8:00 pm GMT. All matches must be reported to Clanwars by this deadline.
* The winning team (clan) and one lucky winner will be officially announced here on Wednesday and prizes will sent out.

The Prizes
* Each member of the winning team (clan), up to 4 players, will receive a NVIDIA GeForce-based video card.
* One out of the four members of the winning team will be randomly chosen to receive a Crucial Ballistix 4GB DDR2 Memory Kit.

- MyCrysis Team