Community Monthly Update #5

Community Monthly Update #5 - September 2008!

Kurz auf Deutsch worum es in dem CMU #5 - September geht. (Da es sich einige User gewünscht hatten!)

Crytek informiert die Weltweite Community über folgendes:
Es wird allgemein nochmal etwas zu Steam und DRM Kopierschutz gesagt. Weiterhin werden noch einige Sachen zum launch der Seite gesagt. Zu der Community Summit 2008 in Budapest gibt es eine Zusammenfassung, und es wird euch eine Dokumentation über den Automapdownloader von Crysis: Wars präsentiert.
  • Crysis Warhead Release
  • Detailietes FAQ und Q&A
  • MyCrysis Seite gestartet
  • Budapest Community Summit 2008 – Zusammenfassung
  • Community Update
  • Exclusive: Crysis Wars Wallpaper
  • 10 Tage...
Die Frage ist nur:
10 Tage bis was? Wir werden es in 10 Tagen erfahren was uns erwartet.....

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- News @ Welcome to the “Crysis Monthly Update #5”, the monthly report for our world-wide community. This time around we’ve got even more to share. We’re bringing you all the information about the worldwide launch of Crysis Warhead and Crysis Wars, along with a compilation of all the Q&As and FAQs on all the launch related content. We’ve also included news on the MyCrysis launch, the Budapest Community Summit and as always have our Community Corner.

Content: Crysis Monthly Update – September 2008

    * Crysis Warhead Launch
    * Detailed FAQ and Q&A Compilation
    * MyCrysis Launch
    * Budapest Community Summit 2008 – Round up
    * Community Update Corner
    * Exclusive: Crysis Wars Wallpaper
    * 10 days...

Crysis Warhead Launch
This month saw the launch of the eagerly awaited Crysis Warhead, where people got the chance to jump into the Nanosuit of destructive Sgt. Michael “Psycho” Sykes. Below is the launch trailer, especially created to celebrate the event.

Video Screenshots

Included in the pack is Crysis Wars the brand new multiplayer experience, which offers update an updated version of PowerStruggle, as well as the brand new game mode, TeamInstantAction. Wars has 21 maps, 7 of which are brand new, with the others having all been reworked for Wars.

Don’t forget if you still haven’t been able to get hold of a copy of Crysis Warhead yet, then check out our list in the Game Info section, with all the places that you can buy it from: Game Info - Where to buy Warhead.

FAQ and Q&A Compilation
With the release of Crysis Warhead many people had several questions about the many new aspects of the title, so we provided several detailed F.A.Q’s on each of the topics which almost everyone has found to be really helpful.

    * DRM FAQ
    * Editor Message

Steam Q&A

People were concerned over the certain differences and changes that might have arisen between the standard retail copy and the digital download via Steam, although their queries we're soon answered in this thread:


We compiled a list of the most common questions, sent them off to the relevant people who deal with each specific area, and brought them all back together to give you this comprehensive Q&A below. Hopefully the information contained here will put your minds at rest, and be able to answer all the question you have.

    * Where is Crysis and Crysis Warhead being installed to when I download it from steam?
      The game is automatically installed in the SteamApps folder.
    * If Warhead/Crysis are installed into the steamapps folder, how does it work with modifications then and the auto download functionality of Wars?
      The auto-update feature doesn’t mind where the game is installed to. EA and Crytek will make patches available via Steam also, in which case the autoupdate feature will detect that you’re up to date.
    * Can the Warhead retail copy be activated via the steam account so I can download it from there?
      At this time, retail copies of Crysis and Crysis Warhead can not be activated via Steam.
    * Will people be able to activate old crysis on steam via the cd-key?
      At this time, retail copies of Crysis and Crysis Warhead can not be activated via Steam.
    * Will the retail version be activated via steam or does it have an independent EA activation?
      The Steam and retail versions both use SecuROM product activation online.
    * Will the Steam version have an activation limit?
      The Steam version of Crysis Warhead has the same activation limit as the retail version of 5 activations. The Steam version of Crysis Wars will only require authentication upon installation just like the retail product.
    * How often can I install the game which I got from Steam?
      Re-authentication is required only if you make significant changes to your PC's hardware, reformat your hard drive, or in some cases, upgrade your Operating System. Multiple installations of the game on the same computer that has not gone through significant changes will not count against the number of computers the game can be installed on.
    * Does Crysis Wars have online activation?
      Crysis Wars is authenticated upon installation. If you want to play through Gamespy Arcade, you’ll need a valid registration key like most online games that use that service.
    * Can I play online only via Steam?
      Online play for all versions of Crysis Warhead is done through Gamespy.
    * Which language versions are available on steam?
      Crysis Warhead is available in all languages on Steam (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Polish, Russian, Hungarian)
    * How does the update functionality work via Steam and w/o Steam?
      Steam will update your game automatically if you tell it to. The autoupdate functionality built into the game will check if a patch is available which has a newer version than the one you’re running and direct you to a download location for it. If your game has been updated to the latest patch via Steam, then the version check will pass and nothing will happen.
    * Are Crysis and Warhead the same when being downloaded via Steam as the hard copy ones?
      Yes, the binaries and content are identical.
    * Is the ingame console the one from Crysis or the Steam one?
      Crysis, although in the Steam version the Steam overlays are available (buddy lists etc).

Please feel free to post your responses here if you have any futher questions and we'll be sure to do our best to answer them, we hope you're all pleased with the answer you have seen above.

All About DRM and Crysis Warhead
There was definitely a passionate reaction to EA including the specific DRM with Warhead that they did, however, once we released the following information people seemed far happier about the situation, especially when everything was cleared up. Below is the thread the information originally came from:


We're aware that many of you have concerns about the DRM protection in Crysis Warhead. There is a lot of misinformation out there and we want to take the time to clarify everything so you have all of the correct information. Due to the importance of this topic, to begin with we’ll open with a message from CEO of Crytek, Cevat Yerli.


“Our passion is making quality games. We put our heart and soul in every game and hope that our fans will enjoy them as well. For years, Crytek fans have been passionately supportive of our efforts and we appreciate all of your dedication.

We realize that copy protection and piracy is a very emotional and hotly debated topic. It is very hard to find a solution that fits both our needs. We need to make an effort to limit piracy but we do not want to limit the experience of our fans.

Warhead uses online authentication and allows up to five activations. This gives you the opportunity to install the game as many times as you want on five different machines.

We also know that multiplayer gamers have different needs, so Crysis Wars does not have an activation limit, but requires the game to be unlocked online once you start the game for the first time. Afterwards it will be possible to play in LAN without any online connection. The CD-key is only required when playing online.

I sincerely hope that you will enjoy playing Warhead as much as we enjoyed making it. We are very proud of it. Our community is the main reason we make games. If there is something you feel we could improve, please tell us what and why and we will do our best to listen to you.

Cevat Yerli”

The Solution
The DRM system implemented for the Crysis Warhead changes copy protection from being key-disc based, which requires authentication every time you play the game by requiring a disc in the drive (this was the system we used in the original Crysis), to a one-time online authentication. This system allows you to play your game without requiring the game disc in the drive on any of five different machines.

Please note: this DRM solution is for the Crysis Warhead disc only. Because of the online nature of Crysis Wars, and because we want to encourage easy-to-start LAN play, you are only required an authentication upon installation. If you want to play online on our servers, you will authenticate via Gamespy as you normally would.

Key Points:
    * This system allows you to authenticate your game on five computers with the purchase of one disc – you can install your copy on each machine as many times as you want. If you go over five machines, EA Customer Service is on hand to supply any additional authorizations that are warranted.
    * This DRM solution is safe. EA and Crytek would never allow anything that included spyware, viruses or malware to be installed on anyone’s computers.
    * We know there is concern about what will happen if the authentication servers turn off or questions about what will happen in five years if you want to play the game again (and we hope you do). If that were to ever happen, Crytek and EA would deploy a patch that would remove the authentication requirement completely.

Q: What is the difference between the old PC disc authentication solution and the new online model?
A: Two things have changed:
    * First, authentication of your game disc has changed from always needing to have your disc in the drive to an online format, eliminating the need to always have a disc in the drive when playing.
    * Second, with online authentication, consumers now connect to the Internet the first time the game is launched and are only required to reconnect if they are downloading new game content.

Q: How will the game authenticate now?
A: We authenticate your game online after installation when you launch it for the first time.

Q: Do I have to re-authenticate after the first time my game is launched?
A: Re-authentication is required only if you make significant changes to your PC's hardware, reformat your hard drive, or in some cases, upgrade your Operating System. Multiple installations of the game on the same computer that has not gone through significant changes will not count against the number of computers the game can be installed on.

Q: What are the benefits of online authentication versus the disc-based model?
A: The new system means you don't need to have the game disc in your computer in order to play. You will no longer have to carry disk to enjoy a game you already have installed.

Q: Am I able to play my game on more than one computer? Do I need the disc for that?
A: You'll be able to install and play the offline features of your game on up to five computers without the need of the game disc. Your computer is authorized after installation and the initial launch of the game.

Q: Will I still be able to play my game offline?
A: Yes, you can play offline.

Q: What happens when I’ve reached the maximum number of computers for my game and I need more? (Due to computer upgrades, theft, crashes, etc.)
A: EA Customer Support is on hand to supply any additional authorizations that are warranted. This will be done on a case-by-case basis by contacting Customer Support.

Also EA announced work on a revoke tool for the authentications:

"EA is expediting development of a system that will allow consumers to de-authorize machines and move authorizations to new machines. This system will effectively give you direct control to manage your authorizations between an unlimited number of different machines without having to contact EA customer service."

Editor and SDK Message
We also gave a brief message on the situation that many of you noticed when purchasing Warhead as it does not include an editor. The message is here below:


The Message
As most of you will already be aware we have not included our Sandbox Editor or MOD SDK with the disc for Crysis Warhead or Crysis Wars. We’re hoping that people appreciate the quality of the games that we have produced.

We wanted to make sure that people received the best game play experience in both single and multiplayer, so as such we decided to focus all of our energy and attention in that direction originally.

We are now working on the Editor and SDK solution for Warhead and Wars.

We are definitely aware that the community is eager to get this software, and we will provide it as soon as it is complete and available.

For now we hope you enjoy both the single player and multiplayer experiences provided until the Sandbox editor and ModSDK are released.

It is possible to play many of the custom levels that have been created for Crysis Multiplayer in Crysis Wars, so we encourage everyone to make use of the automatic map downloader and get hold of some of the great creations from the community and play them on the game servers.

MyCrysis Launch
We launched our brand new community site this month, after having been working on it for the past several. So far it's going really well, the statistics are great, and it seems that the traffic has not just been kind to, but has also received a major boost in visitors and registrations.

To celebrate the launch we’re hosting the Signature Competition as many people have to design themselves a new signature to fit in with the theme of the site we decided to give an added incentive to help people settle in. There will be many more rewards and prizes coming up on MyCrysis in the very near future so be sure to stay tuned a make sure to tell your friends!

Budapest Community Summit Summary
This time we were in Budapest for our ‘Budapest Community Summit 2008’ and we’ve invited several members of the dedicated fan site teams from all around the World to join us at this exclusive event.
There they were able to meet the entire development team of Crysis Warhead and the producers behind Crysis Warhead and Crysis Wars. Not only that, but they’ve been able to get 2 days worth of hands on sessions to be able to play through as much of the content of both the games as they can.

But they were actually not only playing the game. At the second day they had the chance to drive around with tanks. Everyone got a turn at the controls of the tank, and there was not a single person who could deny it was a fantastic experience.

Now that we've given all those who were lucky enough to come along and visit our Hungarian Studio some time, we've put together all of their reports on the event for you in one easy to find place. This way you can get their actual opinion, easily. (German),Com...est,2,3392.html,Uns...tek,2,3396.html (German) (English) (Hungarian),hu_HU.UTF-8,hu_HU.UTF-8

The event has been a huge hit and the guys have all been impressed by both Warhead and Wars, and are eager to get their hands on their own copies of the game.

Everyone had a lot of fun, and the unique tank driving experience is definitely something that no one will forget any time soon.

Community Corner
This is the section where we pull together fun and interesting things that you guys have been working on or found all throughout the Crysis Universe. This month in the Community Update Corner we've got lots of cool things for you to have a look at.

Crysis Wars – Custom Maps & Autodownloader
Crymod member and DB-Lead ‘---___db___---‘ took sometime this month to design a document specifically about how to port your maps into Crysis Wars and even set up the autodownloader so that you know exactly what is going on. If you want to know more then visit here to download the documentation and also check out these links:


Creating an mp level:

Server documentation:
Official Dedicated Server Documentation

Is your map online/lan playable without any problems?

Basic tips for mp level creation:

Be sure to visit Crymod to get the official download: Wars - Custom Maps Guide

Lego Nanosuit
This month forum member mocib stumbled across brickule’s work of a lego Nanosuit. This is definitely a really fun piece of work, and deserves recognition.

Check out other peoples reactions in the original thread: Lego Nanosuit

Comparison Screenshots CryEngine1 to CryEngine2.
Community member markoLEPI from the GameTrailers forum has compared Crysis (CryEngine2) to Far Cry (CryEngine1). When Far Cry and the CryEngine1 were released in 2004 it was pushing the visual quality in games to another level. The same effect happened with the release of Crysis and the CryEngine2 in 2007 and the step from CryEngine1 to CryEngine2 was quite big. Real time lighting, volumetric fogging, parallax occlusion maps and depth of field to name just some of the new technologies the CryEngine 2 is using. You can find all comparison screenshots here.

To view the rest of the article then be sure to visit PC Games: Comparative Screenshots

Don't do it!
Forum member blablah01 was making good use of his ability to create a user blog on MyCrysis this month, where he showed us this amusing image from Crysis Wars. It would appear this player just can't go on anymore!

Here's blablah's original blog entry: Don't do it!

Crysis US VTOL in Spore
grunt211 decided to make a US VTOL when he had progressed far enough in Spore. With the vehicle editing section he was about to create this brutal flying machine. Good work!

The original post and conversation about the VTOL can be found here: Crysis VTOL in Spore

Exclusive: Crysis Wars Wallpaper
The gallery of our official community portal has recently been updated with several brand new Crysis Wars wallpapers. They are available in several resolutions. Just head over to MyCrysis and find the right one for you.

Click here to check out the download gallery, and get hold of these images right now.

10 days...

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