Warhead Editor/SDK Statement

Here's a statement from Crytek relating the missing Warhead Editor and SDK.

As most of you will already be aware we have not included our Sandbox Editor or MOD SDK with the disc for Crysis Warhead or Crysis Wars. We’re hoping that people appreciate the quality of the games that we have produced.

We wanted to make sure that people received the best game play experience in both single and multiplayer, so as such we decided to focus all of our energy and attention in that direction originally.

We are now working on the Editor and SDK solution for Warhead and Wars.

We are definitely aware that the community is eager to get this software, and we will provide it as soon as it is complete and available.

For now we hope you enjoy both the single player and multiplayer experiences provided until the Sandbox editor and ModSDK are released.

It is possible to play many of the custom levels that have been created for Crysis Multiplayer in Crysis Wars, so we encourage everyone to make use of the automatic map downloader and get hold of some of the great creations from the community and play them on the game servers.

Crymod & Crytek Dev Team

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