MyCrysis: Signatur Wettbewerb!

MyCrysis startet ein Signatur Wettbewerb mit tollen Preisen! Lest euch die Mitteilung in englischer Sprache durch.

Bitte auf den "mehr..." Link klicken um die komplette Mitteilung zu lesen.

Viel Erfolg an diejenigen, die Teilnehmen.

That’s right, to celebrate the launch of MyCrysis we’re giving away a signed copy of Crysis Warhead as well as some other great prizes. We realize a lot of you are coming over from Crymod, and that your signatures don’t fit in quite as well with the new scheme at, so as such we want you to design yourselves some brand new signatures, and those that we decide are the best will walk away with some great prizes!

The competition will be open from Wednesday 24th September at 10pm CET (GMT+1) and finish on the 8th October at 10pm CET (GMT+1)

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- The Rules

* Please post the pictures as an attachment in THIS correct thread.
* Signatures may not contain any extremely offensive material.
* Content of the signatures must remain relevant to Crysis, Crysis Warhead, Crysis Wars or
* In the case someone does not follow the rules from above the Crymod Staff Team will delete the contribution of this user.
* Editing your post/signature is allowed till end of the competition.
* All signatures must abide by the Signature Rules
* Staff of Crytek, Crymod, MyCrysis or are not eligible to enter.

The Prizes!

1st Place
A signed copy of Crysis Warhead, Crysis Warhead Tshirt, Crytek Notepad, Crysis Lanyard

2nd Place
Crysis Warhead Tshirt, Crytek Notepad, Crysis Lanyard

3rd Place
Crysis Warhead Tshirt