CrysisWars Dedicated Server

This is the official dedicated server guide for Crysis Wars and will get updated frequently. The documentation includes a step-by-step instruction how to correctly set up a dedicated server including features like:
* Getting Started
* Basic Setup
* Advanced Setup
* Anti-Cheat Protection
* And more…

Additionally it includes a whole server command list of all important console variables that are needed for server administration.

Package Content
The document includes about 16 pages of describing the different settings you can have for a Crysis Wars server. With its clear structure it should be helpful to those who set up a server for the first time, but also give enough details later on for those who are experts with Crysis Wars servers.

Additionally all important and necessary files have been packed into a self extracting .exe file that should go into your Crysis root folder which help you setting up the server much easier.

Punkbuster Server Files
The Punkbuster folder includes the latest .DLL and .CFG files that have been created in collaboration with and provide the best possible cheat protection in conjunction with Crytek’s internal anti-cheat solution.

More information about how to set these files up and more features of Punkbuster can be found in the download itself.

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* Getting Started
- Hardware Recommendations
- Crysis Wars Installation
- Game Port(s)

* Basic Set Up
- Set Up the Server
- Standard Server Settings
- Launching the Server

* Advanced Set Up
- Define Level Rotation
- Set IP and Port
- Set Up Automatic Map Downloader
- Restrict Items and Weapons
- Set Up RCon
- Using RCon

* Anti-Cheat Protection
- Punkbuster
- Crysis Internal Anti-Cheat Solution

* Server Command List

Also it is recommended to use the included Punkbuster .CFG files when setting up a PB server and not other pbsv.cfg and/or pbsvuser.cfg files that are roaming around to ensure your server works properly with Punkbuster.