Entropia: Erste Bilder mit CE2

Wie bereits berichtet, hat Mindark die CryEngine2 für deren Projekt "Entropia Universe" lizensiert. Nun sind erste Screenshots veröffentlicht worden, die den Fortschritt der "Portierung" zeigen. Die offizielle Pressemitteilung findet ihr, indem ihr dem "Mehr..." Link folgt.

Weitere Bilder findet ihr in der Gallery @ mindark.com.

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MindArk Reveals First Screenshots From the Next-Gen CryENGINE2 Powered Entropia Universe Platform

GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN--(Marketwire - September 3, 2008) - MindArk, developer and operator of Virtual World Entropia Universe, today revealed the first visuals from the upgraded version of the award-winning Entropia Universe Platform. The free-of-charge platform supports a functioning 3D online presence in a virtual universe integrated with a secure and unique Real Cash Economy business model. This allows platform partners to easily gain access to the next evolution of the Internet.

The state-of-the-art graphics in combination with the business proven real cash economy offers a complete solution to all interested parties in virtual reality.

Entropia Universe offers interactive entertainment, social networking, and e-commerce to media corporations, telcos, and independent software developers wishing to utilize the platform for the development of their own 3D virtual environments. Built upon the renowned CryENGINE®2 motor, the Entropia platform screenshots can be viewed or downloaded at MindArk's official site, www.mindark.com/press/image-gallery/.

"MindArk is pleased to have reached this stage in the substantial product development we've undertaken. Our organization has matured and will continue to grow during this process. CryENGINE®2's real time editing, bump mapping, dynamic lighting, cinematic effects, integrated physics system, shaders, shadows and dynamic music system are just a fraction of all the utilities a developer using the Entropia Universe Platform gets their hands on," says Marco Behrmann, Chief Information Officer at MindArk.

"The new CryENGINE®2 powered Entropia will increase the possibilities for personal expression on the internet. The level of detail and realism will facilitate an immersive experience second to none, providing a high-quality option for companies wishing to utilize the 3D internet," says Magnus Eriksson, Development Manager at MindArk.

The screenshots will also be part of a larger exhibition taking place on September 5 in Entropia's New Oxford art galleries, which were designed by renowned Swedish artist Ernst Billgren in 2006.

About Entropia Universe
Entropia Universe was launched in January 2003 and has grown to over 750,000 registered accounts from over 200 countries. Its business model is entirely unique as the client software is free to download from the internet and there are no monthly subscription fees. As the only virtual universe with a real cash economy whose currency, the PED, has a fixed exchange rate of 10:1 with the US Dollar, Entropia Universe provides a means for new players to immediately start exploring and earning real cash without having to deposit money. A key feature is that the funds acquired in Entropia Universe can easily be withdrawn into real-life cash.

Entropia Universe is a registered trademark of MindArk PE AB. MindArk supports and monitors the services and maintenance of the Entropia Universe platform. The real cash economy business model has been very successful and MindArk PE AB has been profitable since 2004. The 2007 turnover of Entropia Universe was over 400,000,000 US Dollars.

For more information, please visit www.entropiauniverse.com. For more information about Entropia Universe's developer, MindArk PE AB, please visit www.mindark.com.