StarCry - Stargate MOD

StarCry is a first-person adventure, taking place in a science-fiction universe. You will travel to other planets and discover alien technologies, with a whole new crysis gameplay. This universe blends itself with references to famous science-fiction, but we DO NOT try to recreate an existing franchise. In each map of the adventure, you will recognize references to different famous science-fiction universes.

We are developing this mod with fun, so there will be many easter eggs to be found, and humour. We hope you will enjoy it.

Here are some screenshots of the first level:

About the Mod
The work on this mod started a long time ago on Far Cry, followed by different other engines. We are now working with Crysis since the demo came out, adding things almost everyday. For our first update we have two new videos, the first one shows our Melee Fighting concept (still WIP, but working) and the second one shows a few of our weapons. Stay tuned for the next updates, we have a lot more to show.

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