- Crysis Template Package v1.0

As promised in our forum, here's the " - Crysis Template Package" Version 1.0. More of them will follow...

This template-package includes the following:

- Character's
- Crysis Logo's
- CryTek Logo's
- Logo's
- EA Logo's

All these templates are available in different sizes.
With different background colors (white & black).

- AMD Logo's
- INTEL Logo's
- ATI Logo's
- NVIDIA Logo's
- MS Logo's

These templates are available in sereval sizes.

- Download " - Crysis Template Package v1.0" @
You can use these templates for your wallpapers or other Crytek/Crysis grafix/arts. When you made some wallapers out of these templates, we would be happy/proud when you send them to us.

You can send us your wallpaper(s) via the Feedback option, directly upload it/them in our Gallery or send it/them to the e-Mail adress shown in the info file of this release.