CryWin - Contest #2

CryWin - Contest #2
"Re-Create Your Favourite Movie Scene"

A few months after the multiplayer mapping contest the team has come up with another great contest idea. This time the goal is to pick a szene of your favourite series and/or movie and re-create that in the Sandbox2 Editor. It doesn't matter if it is indoor or an outdoor area.

The only important part is that the scene has its origin in a series and/or movie. Of course the scene you use as reference should be delivered as well (either via link on Youtube or as direct source). The re-built scene doesn't need to match the original one completely, since it is only used as reference. Still, it should reflect the set-up and recognition value).

Contest Categories
The following you will find the three different categories which are available for this contest.
  1. Cutscene (For all who are pretty familiar with flowgraph)
    * With story
    * automatically running sequence when loading the level

  2. Playable scene (For all who can rebuild things nicely, but are not that familiar with flowgraph)
    * ingame playable (without story, enemies, etc.).
    * playable scene where the player can walk around

  3. Static scene (For those who just play around with the Editor)
    * simple comparison screenshot of a scene

IMPORTANT: Having the "" writing placed somewhere in the scene is a must requirement!

Note: You can post in english in our forums. That's is no problem! You can switch our forum language to english! Just use the dropdown box in the lower left side (of the forum). You can also switch the portal site into english... simply click on the UK/US flag in the upper left corner (on the portal page).

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Contest Q&A

- When does the contest start and when does it end?
Start: 1st of August, 2008
End: 31st of August, 2008 (at 11:59 PM CET)

- How long does the cutscene need to be?
There is no minimum length, but the whole scene shouldn't be longer than 10 minutes at max.

- Can the same person participate in multiple categories?
Yes you can participate in all three categories if you want to, but each of your contribution needs to be unique and not based on each other.

- Which prizes are offered?
1. Crysis Special Edition signed by the Yerli's, Lanyard, T-Shirt, Sticker
2. Lanyard, T-Shirt, Sticker
3. T-Shirt, Sticker

Playable scene
1. Crysis bag, Lanyard, T-Shirt, Sticker
2. Lanyard, T-Shirt, Sticker
3. T-Shirt, Sticker

Static scene
1. Crysis Mousepad, Lanyard, T-Shirt, Sticker
2. Lanyard, T-Shirt, Sticker
3. T-Shirt, Sticker

- Can I use custom sounds, textures and/or assets?
Yes this is allowed.

- What needs to be delivered?
Your own creation including the .cry file and the original video sequence you used as reference.

- Does the .cry file need to be included?
Yes, but it won't get distributed to the public. The file is only meant to be available to the jury.

How do I distribute my creation?
- Go to the thread
CryWin - Contest #2 in the forums. Create a new thread and add "- CryWin" in the title after your level name, so it is obvious that you want to participate. You can also post in english... that's no problem.

Who is going to judge the contributions?
- Administators and Moderators of

PS: Thanks to Cry-Alex for the english translation!