3DMark Vantage Hotfix v1.0.1

Der Hotfix für den 3DMark Vantage bringt den Benchmark auf die Versionsnummer 1.0.1 und ändert folgende Dinge.

The hotfix updates the following:
* Off-line score viewing is now available in the Advanced Edition.
* Score save / submit saved options are now available in the Advanced Edition.
* Ad banners have been removed from all editions.
* Added a "SEND ERROR" button to error messages; clicking this will send detailed error information to Futuremark for better bug tracking and fixing. No personally identifiable information will be sent or stored.

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- Benchmarkwerte "Forumbeitrag" @ Crysis-HQ.com
- Allgemeiner "Forumbeitrag" @ Crysis-HQ.com
- Download "3D Mark Vantage" @ Futuremark.com The hotfix fixes the following:
* An issue preventing valid serial key entry in some cases has been fixed.
* An issue causing "boost::filesystem::create_directory" error message after registration has been fixed.
* Added a check and error message for hardware that is not DX10 capable.
* Improved detection of supported resolutions so that CPU test minimum requirement (1280x1024) is now taken into account correctly.
* Fixed an issue where pressing the ESC key during CPU test loading screen, the user would be taken to a score view with score -1.
* The entire 3DMark Vantage application is now elevated to Administrator rights, rather than only the SystemInfo component. This will ensure more robust SystemInfo and benchmark functionality, and fixes the "pop-behind" elevation dialog.
* Fixed an issue that sometimes caused "WM_QUIT" error messages.
* Post-processing scale is now displayed correctly in the UI for the Extreme Preset.
* Fixed an issue that could cause resolution switches at test runtime.