Crysis Umfrage: Eure Stimme zählt!

Crytek Information...

Today we would like to introduce you to our latest community activity regarding gathering valuable feedback on our blockbuster FPS Crysis. Together with EA we have come up with a survey on which can and should be filled out by every community member in order to provide us with your thoughts and feedback on the game.

*** UPDATE 24.05.2008 @ 11:00 Uhr ***
Die Umfrage ist wieder Offline! Danke für das Voten!

This short survey has been created to give fans of Crysis the opportunity to provide feedback on the game. Please carefully read each question and provide honest answers and opinions about your experience. Your thoughts are very important to EA and Crytek and the information you provide will help us improving our support and make better games in the future.

The survey consists of 10 Crysis related questions and shouldn't take too long to be answered. If you got some minutes left we would highly appreciate it if you would participate in this.

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