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After some hot weeks of reviewing and discussing about all submitted Multiplayer levels for the Intel / Crysis Mapping Contest, the official jury finally made their decision and picked the winners of the different categories that are PowerStruggle and InstantAction for the available assignments.

We thank everyone here in the community who took the time to participate in this very unique contest. Your effort and contribution is highly appreciated by the community and the whole Crytek development team. The map qualities where surprisingly high and sometimes it was a very tough decision to pick the right winner of the available assignments. We also want to say a huge thanks to all parties being involved in this contest and especially our partner Intel for providing us with man power and the outstanding prizes! Now enough small talk, find below the winners of the Multiplayer part of this contest.

MULTIPLAYER - Instant Action Winners
- Intel® logo visibility -
1. Sun Eara by PeX_MaChin3
2. Resort by Dangerdog
3. Battle in the Swamp by tda
- Fun and gameplay -
1. Borderline by michi:be
2. Red Planet by Jodas1
3. Iceworld by Saob
- Creativity -
1. Whitehouse by Duruk
2. Borderline by michi:be
3. Red Planet by Jodas1

- Best InstantAction E-Sport level -

1. Red Planet by Jodas1

MULTIPLAYER - Power Struggle Winners
- Intel® logo visibility -
1. Reclamation by ClosedCasket
2. Orangrey by Orangrey
3. Canyon by raizde2
- Fun and gameplay -
1. Reclamation by ClosedCasket
2. PS_NesHem by BiGmasta
3. Project: 800 by ToiletTrooper
- Creativity -
1. Orangrey by Orangrey
2. Project: 800 by ToiletTrooper
3. BattleBulge by TAW_Luger
- Best InstantAction E-Sport level -
1. Project: 800 by ToiletTrooper

Stay tuned for more news since the Singleplayer contest is still running!

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