Open Season on CryWiki - Trial Period

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Today, CryWiki has entered its Public Trial Period stage. It took longer than expected, but we're all happy to see it finally debut. Please read on as I explain what CryWiki is, how the trial period will work, and how you can use CryWiki to further expand your knowledge of Crysis modding.

What is CryWiki?
CryWiki is a community-driven project aimed at providing both comprehensive and intuitive means for assisting all levels of aspiring modders with both the CryENGINE2 Sandbox2 Editor and the Crysis Software Development Kit. CryWiki contains information that will prove useful to both beginners and advanced users alike. If you want to share information and techniques with others, or if you are just starting out with modding in general, CryWiki is your source for all things related to Crysis modding.

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Public Trial Period
You can think of CryWiki's public trial period as it's beta. For the first leg of this trip, we want to take some time to observe how the community works with CryWiki and test both its usefulness and its security. Because CryWiki is a community-driven project, it is dependent on the feedback and growth from the community.

First and foremost, the trial will tell us if the community really wants to use a Wiki as an accumulating source of Crysis modding knowledge. CryWiki will only be successful if the community contributes their knowledge to it. This trial period will allow us to monitor if this is occurring and react accordingly.

The trial period will also allow us to tweak the Wiki to better serve the community's needs. Based on your feedback, we will be able to correct problems and help the Wiki grow in areas including:
  • Organization of data
  • Additional content support
  • Security and moderation

Feedback from the community is crucial. Further below, you will find a link to the forum board where you can make comments and post suggestions on where CryWiki needs some lovin'.

Where to Start
There's a lot to do and see on CryWiki already. As the community begins adding their own knowledge to its database, it will only continue to grow and expand. Keeping this in mind, we have organized CryWiki into three main categories:
  • General pages, which hold CryWiki-related content, current events going on in the community, etc.
  • Portal pages, which hold the categories that will guide you to the bulk of the user-submitted content.
  • Help pages, which will assist you in navigating through CryWiki and learning about its many features.

Here are a few pages that we recommend checking out first.

Main Page (Link)
The Main Page serves as the "meet and greet" and displays a lot of information. The Current Events are shown, as well as the Article and Sample spotlights. These items will help keep you informed of whats new on CryWiki and what's currently going on in our community.

Community Portal Page (Link)
The Community Portal page serves as the gateway to the collection of knowledge that has accumulated on CryWiki. This section is broken down into three main categories: Documentation (where you can find tutorials and explanations for all things Crysis modding related), Code Samples (where you can find and share samples from Flowgraphs and programming code), and Links (where you can find and submit links that compliment Crysis modding).

Road Map (Link)
The Road Map is the main Help page. Here, you can find the general rules and a FAQ dealing with CryWiki, section-specific help for the Community Portal content, and info on how to contact the CryWiki staff members should you need to.

Log on and Start Submitting!
With your CryMod account, you are already set up to log in and begin contributing your own knowledge to CryWiki! Simply access the Log In link at the top of the Wiki and use your existing CryMod user name and password. The first time you log in, your account will be auto-created on the Wiki.