3 new Downloads for Mappers

At Crymod.com they've following downloads, which are very intresting for mappers/modders.

- Pine Tree Pack v1.0
This is v1.0 of the Exodus Pine Tree Pack. Our pine tree pack includes 7 trees of different shapes. As this is release v1.0 the trees only are non-breakable and there are no frozen pieces included in the pack. Future updates will address any issues as well as some of these features mentioned.

* 7 new trees
* not breakable at the moment
* Look also good with the frozen layer

- The Big Pyramid v1.0.0
A big pyramid (incl. inside area) for use with SandBox2 Editor and/or Crysis.

- Wii MOD v1.2.1.0
WiiMod is an asset for mod teams who wish to incorporate the Nintendo Wii Remote and Nunchuk controllers into their own custom modifications, but do not have the means or desire to deal with C++. WiiMod is a pre-compiled custom GameDll and file package that adds support for the Wii Remote and Nunchuk controllers to your custom modification by means of exclusive Flowgraph Nodes and an expandable Lua scripting framework.

* Over 50 custom Flowgraph Nodes that let you control up to 4 Wii Remotes and get button, motion and sensor input from them.
* Complete Lua framework that gives you equal power and accessibility of the WRLib C++ API.
* Customizable Xml file to control basic mod features, including intro videos and starting Singleplayer map.

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