SB2: Level Cookbook - Video Tutorial Series

Sandbox2 Editor: Level Cookbook - Video Tutorial Series

Greetings Community!

Today we would like to introduce you to our brand new “Sandbox2 Editor: Level Cookbook - Video Tutorial Series”. As you know we are constantly updating our official documentation for the Sandbox2 Editor, the Asset Creation Guide and the Programming Manual for the CryENGINE2 on

Now we want to go a step further and intensify our modding support for the community. Thus we decided to start with the creation of video tutorials that explain you the basics of the level creation in the Sandbox2 Editor for Crysis.

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To maximize the attention on the video tutorials we decided to set up video channels on the very well known video hosting sites and This decision allows us to make modding for Crysis easier accessible, even to those who do not know about our modding portal, yet.

Find below detailed information on the different video channels that are available including their direct link, a content description and more:

Account name: crymodportal

As for we have set up two channels in total which are constantly being updated. Next to an official channel where all Crytek video tutorials for the Sandbox2 Editor are stored we also created a Crymod channels that is featuring the most recent and interesting tutorials created by our community.

Channel #1
Account name: crymodportal
Direct Link: Official Sandbox2 Editor Tutorials
Content: All available official Crytek tutorials for the Sandbox2 Editor that currently include these tutorials.

    * Interface Overview
    * How to create a new map
    * Decals
    * Solids
    * Road Tool
    * River Tool
    * Frozen Environment
    * Zero-G Environment

Channel #2
Account name: crymodportal
Direct Link: Crymod Community Tutorials
Content: All new and very helpful tutorials created by the modding community.

New Crymod Forum Section – Official Tutorials
In order to fully implement the new available tutorials into our modding portal we have re-arranged the current Tutorials Section. We split up the section into Official Tutorials and Community Tutorials for a better and more structured overview.
We created threads for each of the recently released official video tutorials that not only include the embedded code to watch the tutorial directly in this thread, but also implemented the download of this tutorial so you can watch it in high-res on your PC.
Direct links to the official CryENGINE2 manual have been added to the different forums as well. In the future we will fill this section with our upcoming video tutorials and more - so it is definitely worth it to have a look at it from time to time.

What do you want to see next? Tell us now!

We would like to offer you the opportunity to tell us now what the content of the upcoming video tutorials should be. This will allow us to provide the community with the tutorials you currently would like to have the most. For this purpose we have set up a new thread.

Please post in there your wishes which section of the Sandbox2 Editor the upcoming video tutorials should address. We will then pick some and create the videos for you.

-Crymod Staff Team

To find more information and support visit Crytek’s official portal

PS: Deutsche SandBox2 Tutorials findet ihr hier @