Crysis Weekly Update #10

Crysis Weekly Update #10

Das Wichtigste in der Übersicht:
  • Crysis – New Patch in Development
  • Crysis – Frag Crytekkers on Official Gaming Server
  • Server Name: Crytek Testserver v1.21
  • Server IP:
  • Time: Tuesday 8th of April, 2008 – 8:00PM CET (GMT+1)
  • Multiplayer Server – “Random Client Kicks” Update
  • Video Series – Crysis Outtakes #4!

Auszug aus der E-Mail von Crytek !Englisch! (Um die ganze Mail zu lesen klicken Sie bitte auf den "Mehr" Link):

Greetings Community!

Welcome to the “Crysis Weekly Update #10”, an official status report from Crytek to the world-wide community in order to get you up-to-date on the progress of various Crysis related topics.

The today’s update is about introducing you to a new patch that is in development for Crysis. In addition we also address the mysterious “Hash Mismatch” issue which is responsible for kicking players from online servers. Also we give you the chance to frag us on the official Crytek test server. And last but not least we also got a brand new episode of our Crysis outtakes prepared for you.

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  Crysis – New Patch in Development
In an earlier weekly update we already confirmed that Crytek will continue working on patches for Crysis and supporting the community with new updates. Currently our Multiplayer dev team is fully concentrating on the upcoming Patch 1.3. It has been in development for quite a few weeks already, but we do not have a release date available just yet.

As for the content we can already say a bit, but not that much. The patch will not only include bug fixes and further gameplay balancing, we will also introduce new features to it. Unfortunately we cannot tell you too much about the content at this point, but be sure to not miss out the upcoming weekly update next Wednesday since it will include more news and details on the content itself.

Crysis – Frag Crytekkers on Official Gaming Server
In the last update we have introduced the official Crysis gaming server to the community. Since then, many people have played on the server which allowed us to collect valuable data that helps us improve the stability of the dedicated server.

Now we would like to intensify the stability test with the community with a focus test on the server. Play together with developers from Crytek at a specific time and try to frag us as often as possible.

With this we want to check the server load and test various scenarios. Please find below detailed information on the server and when this test is taking place:

Server Name: Crytek Testserver v1.21
Server IP:

Time: Tuesday 8th of April, 2008 – 8:00PM CET (GMT+1)

Additional Information: PB & internal cheat protection enabled; requires patch 1.21

Take your chance and see if you can compete with the Crysis developers!

Multiplayer Server – “Random Client Kicks” Update
Based on the data from the Crytek game server we evaluated we already detected the origin of the issue that is causing the servers to randomly kick clients with the message “Hash Mismatch”.

It is related to a problem of the internal anti-cheat solution in conjunction with the “lowspec.pak” file of the Crysis server installation. Currently we are working on a fix for this issue which probably will make its way into patch 1.3.

In the meantime we would like to provide you a workaround for every Crysis server host. It has been tested successfully on Crytek’s gaming server and should help getting rid of many of the client kicks.

1. Add “sys_lowspecpak = 0” to your server configuration.

2. Also it is not recommended to delete any .pak files from the Crysis installation. Users will be kicked for a hash mismatch then as well if you have the internal anti-cheat solution enabled.

Video Series – Crysis Outtakes #4!
And as usual for every Crysis Weekly Update we have prepared a new part of the “Crysis Outtakes” especially for you.

In this video it is about being amongst the living dead…

So that’s it for the tenth Crysis Weekly Update from Crytek! We hope you enjoy the information and thanks for your continued support. Do not miss the next update on Wednesday! J

-Crysis Dev Team