ICMC: Multiplayer Level Submission Closed

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Multiplayer Level Submission Closed!
Following a 2 1/2 months period of having new outstanding levels being created by the community we are happy to announce that the Multiplayer Mapping part of the Intel / Crysis Mapping Contest is closed now! This means no further multiplayer submissions are accepted and we have our list of final candidates!

About 40 maps for both categories that are PowerStruggle and InstantAction have been submitted. Congratulations to everyone who made it and submitted Alpha/Beta Screenshots and the final level in time.

Community Voting Starts Now!
After the submission for multiplayer levels is over it is about time to get the community involved in this mapping contest. Please find below the steps that allow every community member to be part of the jury.

This means you can play test the levels, look at them in the editor, review them and finally vote for them. Based on your votes we will pick the top10 contributions of each category which will then get reviewed by the contest jury that consists of Crytek, EA, Intel, Crysis Leagues, Crysis Clans and pre-SDK teams.

So be sure you make the right choice and vote for your favorite maps to get them winning one of the outstanding prizes!

Voting Deadline: 15th of April, 2008 - 6PM CET (18:00 GMT+1)

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1. Download Maps

The first step to start with is to download the maps from both categories. To do so please simply follow one of the links and pick the maps you would like to review:

- Downloads: ICMC MP PowerStruggle
- Downloads: ICMC MP InstantAction

2. Review Maps
After downloading the maps you can either load them ingame or in the editor to have a first look at them. This should provide you a good insight how the map has been set up. If you want to do gameplay tests with others please have a look further below and check out the online game servers we have set up for this event!
3. Vote for your favourite maps

Once you are done with your map review be sure to vote for your favourite level. To do so please follow these steps:

o Login with your account on www.crymod.com or register new (only reg. users are allowed to vote)

o Go to either the ICMC MP PowerStruggle or ICMC MP InstantAction Section

o Click on the map you want to vote for

Vote category: Intel® Logo visibility (5=best; 1=worst)

Vote category: Fun and Gameplay (5=best; 1=worst)

Vote category: Creativity (5=best; 1=worst)

ICMC Map Servers Online - Join Now!
Thanks to our Trusted Server Providers we have set up three gaming servers that are running all maps of the Intel / Crysis Mapping Contest. Following is a list of the server details:

1. [Name:] ICMC: PS @ SwissQuake.ch
[Map Cycle:] Airfield, BattleBulge, Canyon, Deadwater, El_Alamein_D1, PS_NesHem, Reclamation, shaq_06_PS, Intelligence, Project800, Turbine, HighPS, CuteCatCliff_FinalVersion, Kindred Lands, Orangrey.

2. [Name:] ICMC: IA #1 @ K-Play.de
[Map Cycle:] 6X_FINAL, Abyss, Borderline, Deathroom, Factory_tor, GOLD_FinalVersion, IA_Illusion, Iceworld, lazy, mp_islands, nouvo, Resort.

3. [Name:] ICMC: IA #2 @ K-Play.de
[Map Cycle:] Slope, snipermap, Suneara, Swamp, Tequendama_Falls, Terminal_Velocity, TerranJungle, TreeOfLife, Tropica, weee, Whitehouse.

Community Voting Deadline
Of course there is a deadline for when the community voting is over. From now on every registered user at crymod.com has two weeks to review and vote for the maps. After that period we will pick the top10 voted maps of each category as the finalists for this contest.

Voting Deadline: 15th of April, 2008 - 6PM CET (18:00 GMT+1)

-Crysis Staff Team

Stay tuned as we will have more exiting news prepared for you! For more information, visit www.crymod.com.