ICMC: New Singleplayer & Multiplayer Reminder!

Crytek Information

Mid of March we have informed you about the new submission deadlines for both Singleplayer and Multiplayer. Today we would like to remind you to not miss the Multiplayer Beta Screenshot Submission and the Final Multiplayer Level Submission.

Please be sure that you have done both Multiplayer submissions within the next 3 days since the deadline is on April 1st, 2008 at 6pm CET (18:00 GMT+1). After that time the Multiplayer contest is closed and no further submissions are accepted.

Final Multiplayer Level Submission - Basic Information
The information below shows exactly what you need to submit in order to take part in the final winners voting/selection. Be sure your submission contains all these things:

• First of all, this submission is only for Multiplayer levels.

• Content packed as ZIP or RAR:
1. Alpha status .cry file
2. Beta status .cry file
3. Final status cry file
4. Complete levels folder (except .bak file(s))
5. Readme file that includes credits and/or the agreement when using copyright protected materials

• Maximum File Size: 300MB (packed)

• Database entry needs to be in English

• Alpha & Beta Screenshots of your level need to be submitted before!

Alpha Submission: closed
Beta Submission: open (more information)

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- Komplette Mitteilung
- Intel / Crysis Mapping Contest Final Multiplayer Level Submission - How To
The following you will find a detailed description where you can upload your level how to do it correctly. Please read the following text carefully to minimize the incorrect submissions.
1. Pack your level as ZIP or RAR file.
2. Follow one of the links below depending on which map you want to submit:
1. PowerStruggle Level Submission: click me
2. InstantAction Level Submission: click me
3. Fill in the file name that consists of the name of your level.
4. Fill in the version of your level.
5. Fill in the author of the level (which should be you ;))
6. Add a short description of your level (e.g. "Small IA map with urban setting")
7. Add a full description of your level, such as:
* Background information
* Setting
* Features and more (if you want)...
8. Upload some pictures of your level (alpha, beta or final status) by clicking on "Upload Screenshots"
9. Upload your final map package by clicking on "Upload Files"
10. Click on "Save" to save this entry. It then gets reviewed and activated by the Crymod Staff team - that's it

Multiplayer - Beta Screenshot & Level Submission Deadline
Please keep in mind that you do both your beta screenshot submission and uploading your final level until April 1st, since this is the deadline for the multiplayer part of this contest. So if you want to participate be sure you do not miss out these submissions!

Deadline: April, 1st 2008 at 6:00PM CET (18:00 GMT+1)

NOTE: Only levels with Alpha & Beta screenshot submissions can be taken into account for determining the winners after the final level submission has taken place! Be sure to not miss out one of the submissions!

Find the full news attached to that email or read it here: http://www.crymod.com/thread.php?threadid=23300