Crysis Weekly Update #7

Knapp eine Woche ist es her das der Patch 1.2 herausgegeben wurde. Was steht heute im Crysis Weekly Update? Diese Woche Nummer 7.

Hier das wichtigste in Stichpunkten:
  • Crysis – Server Documentation
  • Crysis – Community Work
  • Multiplayer – Security Hole
  • New Series – Crysis Outtakes!

Hier einen Ausschnitt aus der E-Mail von Crytek ( Englisch):
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Greetings Community!

We welcome you to the “Crysis Weekly Update #7”, which is an official status report from Crytek to the world-wide community in order to get you up-to-date on the progress of various Crysis related topics.

The update today will inform you about our current community work after the patch and SDK release. In addition we also have news regarding the security hole for you and as a little bonus we prepared series especially for the community which we hope you like!

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- Forenthread @ Crysis – Server Documentation
The official server documentation is still in progress. At the moment we are finalizing the document and preparing the included server configuration files for an easier installation. The document has been significantly redesigned and restructured for easier reading.
Additionally new content such as an explanation of Crytek’s internal anti-cheat solution has been added as well. It will allow you to understand how this system basically works and offers several ways to customize it on the server side. We hope to have the document released within the following days.

Crysis – Community Work
With the release of patch 1.2 and the respective C++ SDK there is still a lot of work for us to do. Currently we have a dedicated team collecting feedback and suggestions from the community, which helps us to figure out what we would need to work on next.

Additionally we are gathering all kind of error reports from various forums regarding installation of the patch and/or the SDK and new appearing ingame problems. We are constantly updating the workaround thread on which should help you in many cases.

Next to providing on-the-fly support we have also created an internal priority list with topics we want to address for upcoming patches. This list includes bugs/exploits as well as balancing the multiplayer and also new features we want to add. This list is Work In Progress and will get updated frequently.

Multiplayer – Security Hole
As for the security hole that may lead to clients and the server crashing we got an update for you. Due to the critical status of that issue we decided to release a hotfix patch for Crysis. We already figured out the origin of that problem and where able to resolve it. Crytek’s and EA’s QA departments are currently verifying that the fix was successful 

From what we can tell you is that the hotfix requires patch 1.2 to be installed and should be applied to both clients and servers. Release will be right after we received the approval from the QA departments.

New Series – Crysis Outtakes!
With today we would like to welcome you to a new series of the Crysis Weekly Update. Since we can not post any further change log abstracts anymore due to the release of the patch we thought of something funny and interesting to show off.

With each weekly update we are going to release a “Crysis Outtakes” video that has been made by our development team after the game has gone gold. We had a good laugh by watching these videos and we do not want to keep them back to you.

We kick off this series with an alternative cutscene from the first mission of Crysis. Be prepared for a very serious, dangerous and super intelligent new enemy the Delta Force team has to fight. Enjoy!

So that’s it for the seventh Crysis Weekly Update! We hope you enjoy the information and thanks for your irresistible support. Do not miss the next update on Wednesday!

-Crysis Dev Team