ICMC: Assignments Explanation & Submission Deadlines!

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The Intel / Crysis Mapping Contest now fully started with its first round of the Singleplayer and Multiplayer Alpha Screenshot submissions. Today we would like to inform you about the different Assignments for this contest and also provide additional information on the Submission Deadlines.

New "Schedule" Sub-Page In addition to this we also updated the contest web site on icmc.crymod.com which got enhanced by the new "Schedule" section under the "Contest" menu. This new sub-page provides you with all necessary information about dates and deadlines for both the Singleplayer and Multiplayer contest.

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- Intel / Crysis Mapping Contest 1. General Information
Below you will find general information about the contest itself. The following will address the currently most appearing questions. • With How Many Maps can I Participate?
You are allowed to submit maps to each of the available main categories. These categories are Singleplayer, Multiplayer Instant Action and Multiplayer PowerStruggle. This means you can submit three maps in total if you want to.

• Can I Use Custom Objects?
Yes, custom objects are definitely allowed and can be implemented into your level to improve the overall quality. There is also a tutorial provided which explains how to get your custom objects into your custom map easily. The tutorial can be found here.

• Can I Submit A Mod?
No, since this is a mapping contest only. If you plan to add custom content to your level (such as new brushes) please look here for a tutorial how to do this.

• I Am In A Mod Team - Can We Participate As Well?
If you plan to work on the map on your own then yes. You can participate even though you are in a mod team (except for the pre-SDK mod teams). The only restriction is that the level needs to be your creation. This means the work on this map should not be shared with other mod team members. Still, you are allowed to ask for help or support when you encounter a problem.

• What Do I Need To Do To Participate?
First of all you need work on a Singleplayer or Multiplayer level you want to participate. It is also recommended to read the available Assignments and Rules to be sure you know what you can submit and what the restrictions are.

Second if you work on a map you need to submit Screenshots of the Alpha and later Beta state of your map to the Challenges Section on crymod.com. The deadlines for the Singleplayer and Multiplayer submissions can be found here. So be sure to not miss one of the screenshot submissions. Without them you won't be able to participate since they are a must-requirement.

Third the final level submission takes place after the Alpha & Beta Screenshot Submissions. The dates for Singleplayer and Multiplayer level submission are different to the amount of work on the different settings. The final submission needs to include the .cry files of your Alpha and Beta status! Find more information about the submission deadlines here.

2. Contest Assignments
Below is more information on the different assignments you can pick for the mapping contest.

• What Are They For?
The assignments can be seen as tasks that need to be fulfilled in order to participate in the contest. Based on these assignments the community and the jury will determine the winners in each of it.

• How Many Assignments Can I Pick?
Basically you should participate in the Assignments 1-3 in order to maximize your chance to win in this contest. These assignments consist of basic level design tasks such as logo placement, gameplay & fun and creativity and definitely should be included in your map.

All main categories (Singleplayer, MP InstantAction, MP PowerStruggle) do have an additional Special Award where you can win some very unique prizes. For Singleplayer you would need to create an additional Cutscene that is included in your level. For Multiplayer it is the focused gameplay and balancing of the map on clan war situations. You can find more information about the different assignments here.

3. Submissions
This topic is quite important and should be carefully read to not miss out a piece of information that you prevents you from participating in this contest.

• What Do I Need To Submit? Generally the submissions for all of the different categories are pretty much similar and just happen at different dates. Following submissions need to be done for all levels you want to participate with:

1. Alpha Screenshots of your level
2. Beta Screenshots of your level
3. Final level package (complete folder of your level including .cry files of the alpha, beta and final status of your map)

• What Happens If I Miss A Submission? All submissions are a must requirement in order to participate in the mapping contest. If you miss one of the deadlines your map will not be taken into consideration for determining the winners.

• When Are The Submission Deadlines? All detailed information about the different submission deadlines for the main categories can be found on the new Schedule homepage.

Cheers, -alex